5 Reasons You May Have Given Up on Your Resolutions

The New Year is one of the most welcomed holidays we celebrate throughout the year. It’s a time for a fresh start and self-reflection. Many people make  resolutions, yet some never fully achieve these and others never even come close. According to an article published on Forbes.com, on average, about 40% of American’s make new year’s resolutions. A study done by the University of Scranton found that only 8% actually achieve them. Why does this happen? Here are 5 honest reasons you may have already abandoned your New Year’s resolution before Valentine's Day.

It's Unobtainable

If you find yourself abandoning your goal or never really starting it, you may have set a goal far too high and created something that was basically unobtainable. If you have done so, the next mistake you made is not setting action steps or small, clear steps you can take to achieve this broad goal. Revisit your goal and think about exactly how you are going to be able to achieve it, start by creating a list of small goals and working towards them one by one.

Impact on Your Life

If you set a goal you felt was obtainable, then another mistake you may have made is choosing a goal that doesn’t have a significant impact on your everyday life. If you chose something that only presents a problem for you periodically, then that’s about how often you will work to address it. You can also tweak your goal to make it more relatable and/or substantial to a problem you face in your daily life.

It's Hard Work 

You may have set a goal that’s obtainable, and succeeding at said goal would have a positive and significant effect on your daily life, but it will take a lot of determination. This is much easier to accept than the fact that your goal is nearly impossible to achieve. You need to accept that you will need to work at it to make it happen. The extra motivation is presumably why you chose this as your New Year's Resolution. Once you accept the challenge of the journey, you'll become comfortable knowing that you’ll stumble or fail, but you don't have to define yourself by one or two mishaps.

Unreasonable Expectations

This is a very common occurence. If you feel like it’s 4 or more weeks into the new year and you should have already achieved your goal, then you'll probably feel like abandoning the idea. Just because it's taking longer you than expected doesn't mean you can't succeed. Don't constrict yourself too much to a tight deadline. It's okay to adjust course as long as you achieve what you set out to do. If you need to take the whole year, take the whole year.

You're Not Sure How to Achieve Your Goal 

This happens more often than you may think. If you don’t know what changes you should be making to achieve your resolution, then how do you even know where to start? Do some research, you may be surprised to find that you aren’t the only one who not only made the resolution, but is struggling to achieve it. Find out what others are doing and what’s working or isn’t working for them. Join some online forums and interact with like-minded people. A community working towards the same goal can achieve wonderful things together.

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