5 Side Effects of Taking A Statin

What are the some of the consequences of taking a statin? Nutrient deficiency is a major problem. Statins have been linked, according to the FDA's own documents, to depleting CoQ10. CoQ10 is a coenzyme which is involved in the following:

1. It is essential for your body to utilize your ATP (energy stored in the mitochondria used for every muscle contraction). Using statins will lower your energy to do the things you want to do.

2. It is a powerful antioxidant. (It will eliminate free radicals in the body). WebMD defines free radicals as, "cell destroyers that damage the DNA of the cell, which then allows the cell to recreate again causing the seed for disease."

3. It the only known naturally occurring lipid soluble antioxidant for which the body has enzyme systems capable of regenerating the active reduced ubiquinol form.

4. To be closely linked to Vitamin E and serves to regenerate the form of Vitamin E.

5. CoQ10 is essential for all cellular ATP production and is of particular importance in heart muscle function given that tissue's extreme energy requirements. A deficiency of coQ10 in the blood and the heart muscle has been documented in congestive heart failure. (When patients were put on supplemental CoQ10, they found improved outcomes in coronary artery bypass surgery.)

What are you to do?

Make sure "assumptions" were not taken when determining your LDL cholesterol. Find out the actual numbers to ensure you actually need a statin. If you are diagnosed with needing a statin, start taking CoQ10 immediately to offset your nutrient deficiency. Make sure you are taking Thorne’s QBest CoQ10. According to research, QBest is 8 times more absorbed, crystalline free, more active within the mitochondria vs. Ubiquinol, and 3 times more absorbed than Ubiquinol.

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