5 Signs That Your Friendship May Be Ending

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Do you feel uncomfortable being around your friends? Has it come to the point where you're in completely different places in life and you just don't enjoy one another's company anymore? These situations can be awkward and sometimes painful, but just like splitting up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, sometimes you have to call it quits on a friendship. The fact of the matter is that people change. It's easy to point fingers as to who's jeopardizing the friendship, but it's really no one's fault. Keep that in mind, but look for these telltale signs that things may not be working out.

You can’t be yourself

People change a lot throughout the course of their lives, it's undeniable. While you change, and your friends change, there's no reason that your relationship has to change. You should always be comfortable being yourself around each other. Periodically, you should ask yourself why your STILL friends with someone. If you have an answer that brings you joy, then you should maintain the relationship through any and all turbulence. However, if you can't justify it to yourself, then it may be time to face a hard truth.

You feel unfulfilled

What changes the most about people often are the values we gain, and the things we want out of life. At one point or another, many of us experience some kind of stagnancy that really wears on us. We want so badly to be something we're not, but we're stuck with the life we're living. Sometimes we're stuck due to the influence of our environment, which often involves the people we surround ourselves with. If you feel like you need to move forward, but the people in your life are holding you back, then it may be time to say goodbye to those people. You can't feel guilty for chasing after what you want, even if it includes making tough decisions.

There's too much drama

Lines can be crossed in the strongest of friendships. When crossed with a heavy amount of drama in your friendships, you have to ask yourself if it's worth getting hurt in an attempt to salvage something that's not there anymore. A lot of times friendships are over before the people are ready to end it. You shouldn't be spending time with people who are always hurting you, even if they don't mean it. Having good friends means having a refuge from the harsh parts of life, they shouldn't cause you any further stress.

You're getting taken advantage of

Friendships are a two-way street, and while you should always strive to be a good friend, you need to recognize when a friend is constantly taking advantage of you. Even if your friend is grateful every time you help them or do something to please them, you need to think about how it affects you. Is a friend getting in the way of your life at home or your life at work? If you friend needs to change their ways, do you feel like they're genuinely trying to do so. If you feel like too much is being put on your plate, then you need to express those feelings to your friend. If you feel like the conversation isn't productive enough, then it might be time to cut ties with them.

Lack of Commonality

This should go far beyond personal tastes in pettier things such as music or film, but more about values like touched on earlier. If the disconnect between you another person is so vast that you don't enjoy spending time with them anymore, then you should consider calling off the friendship. It may sound petty, and sometimes it can be, but if you feel the relationship has become toxic then there's no reason it should keep going, you're not doing each other a favor.

Important: Look For Resolutions

If you're ending a friendship, you need to reach a definitive conclusion. Don't just stop talking to someone because they changed or they did something you didn't like. You need to air any grievances you have so that you can communicate effectively and decide together how you're going to move forward. If you talk it out together, you'll have a far better idea if the friendship is worth saving. You should always make the effort to save the relationship, because a friendship truly is a terrible thing to waste.

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