5 Tips for a Happier Marriage in the New Year

Now that the New Year is upon us, many of us are setting resolutions for ourselves and making sure that we work on the imperfections that we started to dislike during the past year. For many of us, working on your marriage is a pivotal goal in the new year. Some of the insecurities that we have in our marriage could also stem from the ones we have in ourselves, so why not try working on a happier marriage this year? Here are a few tips that will make your marriage much happier this year. Remember that you must do them everyday in order for them to work. These tips will soon become easy for you to do each day from morning to night. 

Appreciate One Another

If you are reminidng your partner that you do appreciate each and every thing that they do, they will start to notice. We all have a tendency to take people in our lives for granted so it is important to show them, not just to tell them, that you do appreciate them. The words and actions mean more to your partner than you could ever imagine!

Be Honest

This is one of the hardest things to do in any type of relationship or friendship. Honesty is the best policy as all of our grandmothers would tell us, but sometimes, it can hurt. Don't let things fester. Your partner may be mad at first, but they will feel better that you actually told them the full on truth. There are many things in your life that can come back and haunt you, so this is why you have to tell your partner the truth at all times. This could be something as small as a bounced check or something as big as not feeling the connection in your marriage anymore. Your partner may not act like they want to know these small details, but if something is bothering you, it is best to tell them.

Make Time for Yourself

Taking trips with the girls is just as important to you as your partner going out hiking with his buddies. It is always good to take time from one another. You will start to miss each other and when you get home, the bliss should be there once again. When you take time for yourself and your friends, you will also feel much happier. Your happiness is one of the parts of the happiness in your marriage, so continue to take these trips with your friends. 

Be Kind

When you talk to small children about being kind, we tell them to use kind words. As we grow up into adulthood, why should that change? Using kind words go a long way in any relationship. When you are having a discussion with your partner, think about the right words to use. Kind words go a lot further than accusatory ones. If you feel a fight brewing, make sure that you take some time to think about what you are going to say instead of using words that can hurt your partner's feelings.

Go on Dates

Not with other people, your partner! There is something to be said about the dating process and you both will start feeling wanted again once you start. Go out on date nights to the movies or to dinner. Give each other flowers and gifts that show just how much you appreciate one another. You will start to feel the sparks again in no time at all!

Mariage is a great decision to make when you realize that you love someone truly and deeply. It is hard though. Maintaining a healthy relationship takes a lot of work and when you start to work on yours, you can reap all of the benefits and feel happier in the new year. 

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