5 Tips On Marketing Your Business

A business cannot survive without a steady flow of customers visiting the shop or website on a daily basis. Customers keep product moving and revenue flowing, but if there are no customers, how do you keep the business afloat? Perhaps the real question is, how do you let consumers know about your business and your products or services? Business marketing takes on many shapes and forms. Everyday consumers are exposed to advertisement after advertisement on the television, the radio, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, billboards, car stickers, and more. Simply investing in an advertising campaign, however, is not enough to keep a business running.

An effective marketing campaign is one that is established, tracked, and managed by the business owner or marketing expert. An effective strategy requires careful monitoring to determine how effective the campaign is and how visible your business is to your target audience. Bearing that in mind, we at Goals have assembled a list of 5 marketing tips to help you maintain and grow your business. If you are not already utilizing an effective marketing strategy, be sure to get started by following these tips today. 

1. Use social media. 

The first, and likely the simplest way of achieving an online presence for your business is by creating a profile on popular social media accounts, particularly those geared towards businesses like LinkedIn. An account on LinkedIn or Facebook that is regularly updated with information and content can go a long way in drawing people's attention to your business. It can also help you establish valuable connections with other business owners that can lead to more sales and more customer referrals. 

2. Use the Internet. 

The Internet is one of the most effective tools in modern marketing. Not only is your website hosted here, but it is something that people can now access from nearly anywhere in the world with just a smart phone. To get the most out of online marketing services, you should:

  • Upload images of your products or services to popular sites like Pintrest, Instagram, Tumbler, or Stumble Upon.
  • Ensure your website contains valuable, relevant, and consistent content to build authority with search engines. 
  • Invest in a professional-looking website that is well designed and provides an exciting, yet simple user experience. 
  • Submit your site to online (and local) business directories.
  • Consider investing in SEO-tracking tools like SEMRush (Google has a lot of free busienss services) to help ensure the content on your site is up-to-date and that the site can be found by your customers. 

3. Know your audience. 

It is important that you know how to approach and appeal to your target audience appropriately. For example, if you are pitching online marketing services to a potential client (a fellow business owner), your focus will be on what your services can do for their business. On the other hand, if you are pitching a prodcut or service to a regular customer, your focus should be on the unique features and affordability of the product or service. 

4. Ask for referrals. 

It's a strange phenomenon, but many sales people either forget or simply do not think to ask their existing customers for referrals. Asking for business may seem unprofessional to an extent, but realistically there is nothing wrong with asking customers, friends, and family members to refer people to your business. 

5. Remember to Remarket. 

In business there is a rule of 80/20, where 80% of your business actually only comes from only 20% of your customers. These loyal customers need to feel appreciated for their business and a decent amount of your efforts should be geared in keeping your regulars happy.