5 Ways to Avoid After Lunch “ITIS” at Work

We’ve all experienced those times at work when the office has a potluck and there are things that you eat that are typically not in your regular diet. Those things may include foods such as sugary homemade sweets, delicious starches, and the rare appearance of a soda (or two) on your work desk. All of these items have one common thread and that is they all have the ability to give an individual postprandial somnolence. However, most people commonly refer to it as “the itis.” The itis typically strikes almost immediately after a meal, snack, or other type of food has been consumed and leaves an individual with a feeling of drowsiness or sleepiness. So just how can the itis be avoided while at the job? Here are 5 ways that the "itis" can be avoided.

Drink a big glass of water before your meal

The itis is generally brought on by indulging in an abundance of food, also known as overeating. One of the ways to avoid this is by drinking a large glass of water before each and every meal, especially when that meal is lunch during work hours. The glass of water will help to fill the stomach, making individuals feel fuller than they may actually be. This is very beneficial in the fight against the itis because with a fuller feeling stomach, an individual should be less inclined to overeat.

Avoid Skipping Breakfast

One of the most popular clichés around has been that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This actually rings true for more than one reason. By skipping breakfast, the body will feel as if it may need to overcompensate for the immediate hunger that strikes at or around lunchtime. Also, when skipping breakfast, the further away the lunch times, the more prone an individual may be to overeat.

Remember that Lunch is….Lunch

Although there are various types of jobs with various types of work schedules, a typical full-time job consists of at least an 8-hour shift with either an hour or a 30-minute lunch break squished somewhere in between. When at work for that length of time, it may be a natural reaction to eat what could be considered a dinner meal (do you remember that lunch visit to the local steakhouse)? When trying to avoid the itis, it is important to remember that lunch is indeed lunch and is not dinner. Therefore, the portions should be lunch portions. So try cutting that baked potato or that other dinner portion in half in an effort to thwart the itis!

Hit the Parking Lot

While at work, you may (or maybe not, depending on where you work) not be able to get a full 2-hour workout in after eating lunch. However, if possible, individuals should get active and head outside to walk and begin working off some of those consumed lunch calories. A nice, brisk-paced walk can do wonders for staving off the itis. Not only does it help control blood sugar but it also aids in digestion.

Avoid the Sugars

More than anything, sugar can cause the body to quickly be zapped of energy. This can be the catalyst for a person catching the itis after lunch. Sugars, which are simple carbohydrates, can provide the biggest spikes in energy, resulting in sugar crashes. When trying to avoid simple carbohydrates that can cause the itis to occur quickly, keep in mind they are typically ingredients in foods such as soft drinks, cakes, and white bread.

By following these 5 steps while at work, individuals can be well on their way to avoiding the dreaded itis while at work.

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