5 Ways To Meet Someone New This Weekend

Dating can sometimes be stressful, frustrating, and socially unfulfilling, especially if you feel you can never meet someone you feel an actual attraction to. Going out on a date for a night is one thing, but if you are looking for something more long term and real, there are some essential steps you should take before putting yourself out there and subjecting yourself to disappointment.

If you want to meet someone new or find a relationship you feel like investing your time and energy in, use these five steps to get you started.

1. Love yourself first.

If you are comfortable in your own skin, then dating or finding a date can become that much easier. Having confidence in yourself and being comfortable just being you can make or break your chances of drawing other people to you. Take some time to participate in activities that you enjoy and that make you happy. If you can find some kind of daily activity (or rotating activities) that you enjoy doing, make an effort to do it once a day. Overtime you will notice that your mood and attitude are much more improved and that you feel more confident in your daily life. You might even find yourself smiling more, and more readily willing to engage in conversation with complete strangers. Once you have come to appreciate yourself and your own unique interests and qualities, you can be better prepared to put yourself out there in the dating world.

2. Determine what you are looking for.

Dating can be even more stressful if you are going about it without a real sense of purpose and tend to remain close-minded.  If you are trying to get back in the dating game, be prepared to let go of certain pre-conceived notions that you might have, like your ideal or perfect partner, or even a checklist that you keep in your head to determine whether or not this will actually work before you give it any real chance. Having standards that are simply too high and/or unrealistic will not help you get any closer to finding something long lasting and worthwhile.

3. Keep things in perspective.

Just because you agree to go out on a date with someone does not mean that she will be expecting a marriage proposal, or that he, ladies, will be looking for something long term either. When you are starting to date again, it is important that you avoid reading too much into every single situation you find yourself involved in. Instead, focus on the person (or people) that you find yourself on dates with and allow yourself to get to know them. Both parties will likely be able to tell if this will be something that could possibly go somewhere fairly quickly, if you are both being honest.

4. Stay optimistic.

Letting yourself give into those classic fears of never meeting “the One” or that all of the “good ones” are taken will only keep you from finding true enjoyment in your dating life. Dating is about putting yourself out there and meeting new people, not checking off names on a list before you find one you want to be with long-term. Don’t try to mold people that you meet into your “ideal” partner; everyone is different, and if you allow your choices to be determined by your pre-conceived notions of the “perfect partner,” you are bound to be constantly disappointed.

5. Turn your fear into confidence.

Everyone, both male and female, gets anxious at the thought of going out and meeting someone new. Failed relationships can leave you feeling down about yourself and about dating in general, and the fear of never meeting someone that you could fall in love with can be just as crippling. When you get yourself back out there, remember to think optimistically and feel comfortable in your own shoes. This will help you become more willing to flirt with confidence, which will, in turn, get you a positive response, and possibly segue into a first date. If, however, you never reach this step and allow fear to keep you from going out and taking chances, you are guaranteed to never meet anybody. So swallow your fear, stand up straight, smile, and speak confidently, but honestly, and you will find yourself actually enjoying going on dates.