6 Different Types of Friends You Need in Life

We all have great friends that we associate ourselves with, but according to Harvard Business Review, we actually have about half the friends that we think we do. A lot of our friendships are simply not reciprocal. What does this mean? You may be the one who always makes the plans, or is the one who is always texting or calling, and is singlehandedly responsible for keeping the friendship alive. Not everyone is going to fit exactly into this research. However, this brings up the importance of having real friends. It’s easy to become busy with work, school and family obligations and wind up not making time for the friends you have or even to branch out to make new friends. But friendship is actually good for you, as the Mayo Clinic points out. It can boost your mood, give you a feeling of belonging when times get tough. Keep in mind that quality counts a lot more than quantity. Having a couple of really good friends you hang out with is far better than 600 social media “friends.” Here are some types of friends you’ll want to keep a look out for. There are all kinds different friendships in your life that are special and meaningful:

The cheerleader

The friend who always makes you smile and motivates you to do more, someone with an upbeat personality who achieves their goals. Isn't it great to have a friend like this?

Activity buddy  

You might meet and bond at book club, training for a marathon, or go to paint night together. This is your friend to go to fun activities with. A great way to meet an activity buddy is actually to try a new activity and simply be open to friendship.

Truth teller

Now some friends will simply tell it like it is. They’ll tell you that it’s time to give up smoking, or that new guy you’ve started dating doesn’t seem to treat you right. While you may not like everything that comes out of their mouths, a good friend is someone you can trust to have your best interests at heart and tell you what you need to know, both good and bad.


These friendships are special and are as precious as platinum. They've been with you through thick and thin and everything in between. This is the friend who will pick you up at the airport early in the morning or late at night, because quite frankly you'd be the person they would call too.

Childhood friend

This is a great friend to have, and because of social media like Facebook, it’s become much easier to keep in touch. These are the friends who've known you since the sandbox days and have shared crayons with you or hung upside down on the jungle gym. It’s always great to recall old times with this particular friend and create new memories as well.

Work friend

It’s important to have work friends because they just make your day that much brighter. You look forward to eating lunch together, having a quick chat at the water cooler, perhaps you walk together on lunch hour. This is a friend who can relate to you in ways others can't. Another important reason to have work friends is to expand your professional network for the future. It’s always good to have someone to reach out to if you want to branch out in your career.

Of course, all of these friendships all start out as new friendships, and can develop into something special. You should always remain open to making new friends, because these connections can be everlasting, and improve upon your life in ways you thought were never possible. If you struggle to make friends, just make sure you’re kind to others and everything else will fall into place.

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