6 Habits You Can Start Improving On Today

It seems that wherever we go, whatever job we have, and whoever our friends are, we tend to fall into a routine.  We develop habits and ways of doing things, and make excuses for not doing other things because of our hectic schedule.  But there are some good habits that you can develop as part of your routine that will not only improve your overall health, but also put you in a more comfortable financial situation and improve your performance and mood at work. 

Here are six good habits you can start working on improving today: 

Waking Up On Your Own

By this, I mean putting down the coffee.  For many of us, it may seem impossible!  Between late nights and caffeine dependency (I need a Mountain Dew a day myself!), the prospect of being left to our own devices in the morning can be a bit jarring.  However, there are some benefits to not needing coffee or other energy drinks to spur our minds into action.  First off, it will lessen your dependency on it.  Not having a hot cup of coffee on your way to work can really ruin a good morning these days.  And while we are unlikely to be faced with an apocalyptic void of coffee anytime soon, now might be the time to wane it out of your schedule, or at least tone down the amount you drink.  You’ll also save a lot of money doing this, another benefit!  Starbucks everyday adds up fast, and cutting it out of your routine might can do wonders for your bank account. 

Saving Money

Cutting coffee is one way to help you save, but many of us still worry about saving extra money these days.  With things like high energy bills, student loans, and a recovering economy, however, opportunities to save money seem to be few and far between these days.  Save yourself financial headaches down the road.  Any amount of savings opens up a world of options to you, from having some flexibility in your ability to pack up and move, to taking care of medical bills.  Starting to save money before you have any idea what you’ll need it for will only benefit you.  And I don’t mean saving up to buy a car, or other luxuries like flat screen TVs, I mean actually saving money!  Managing your money by putting a little aside for the unforeseen future, while at the same time having concrete goals for saving additional money, may slow down your plans a bit, but in the long run will always pay off.

Eating Healthy

Another obvious tip, but it cannot be stressed enough!  For any number of reasons, it is incredibly difficult to eat healthy for a lot of people.  When money is tight, unhealthy food is cheap, and with advertising and flavors that only make you crave more, it can seem impossible to cut junk food from your life.  But it can be done!  The trick is finding out what is going to motivate you to stick with a healthy diet.  For some, it is a complete change in their lifestyle.  For others, it's small subtle changes over a long period of time.  Perhaps the trips to the grocery store turn you off, so perhaps online grocery shopping is your ticket.  For others, it might require having a friend keep you accountable for what you eat.  Everyone can eat healthier though, you just have to figure out how to make it work for you.


Let’s be honest.  Exercising is not a fun habit for anybody to develop.  If anything it feels like extra work.  That is until you get yourself into the routine of exercising regularly.  But even a little exercise can mean a healthy change in your health and lifestyle.  If you are not a runner, make sure you are taking regular walks, or go swimming.  If the outdoors isn’t your thing, there are more gyms than needed to meet current demand.  If there is one habit you bring into your life, exercising about 30 minutes a day is probably the most important.

Positive Thinking

This one might seem strange to call a habit, but we need to make sure we encouraging ourselves regularly!  It is easy to beat yourself up about mistakes and not sticking to your goals.  However, this won’t make you want to get healthier or improve your life.  More likely it will make you feel bad, and want to give up.  So make it a habit to think positively in regard to yourself. Compliment yourself in the mirror.  Remind yourself of what you got right, and look forward to continually improving yourself.

Seeking New Experiences

Lastly, I will suggest that you make it a point to find new experiences.  This can be going to new restaurants or seeking out live music. Simply giving your senses and personality a new scenario to deal with will go a long way towards expanding your tastes and broadening your perception.  Make the time to go to all the touristy spots around your home, and at the same time, look for the tiny storefronts that even most locals don’t know about.  Make yourself encounter new things, and watch as your eye for adventure and curiosity grow.

When learning to develop new habits, give yourself some leeway.  Don’t just give up coffee (or cigarettes) cold turkey and don’t jump right into a high intensity workout routine.  Your body needs time to adjust!  Start by listing the habits you want to develop as well as the ones you want to drop.  Then make a plan for you to accomplish your goals.  For example, for exercise, start by running one mile on day one, and then increase your mileage after a few days after your body has adjusted.  To lessen your intake of things like coffee, look for healthier substitutes.  Orange juice, for instance, is a great drink to have in the morning because it’s loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals that stimulate your body and mind.  It may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, you can do it….with a little help from your friends!