6 Methods to Become More Energy Efficient in Fall and Winter

As the warm air turns cold, residents must prepare the homes for drafty air and chilly temperatures by keeping the home warm.  Nonetheless, warm air seeps out while unwanted cold air seeps in. Without a resolution, warming heaters and fireplaces will work overtime to maintain the room's warm temperature, but in return you may see your energy bill rise.Take precautions to protect warm air and keep energy bills low now.


The first sign of chilly air entering the house should signify the need for insulation. Insulation seals cracks and holes in doors and windows so heat doesn't escape and cold air doesn't enter. Foam weather stripping, caulking, and clear plastic sheeting are barriers separating warm air from cold.  Use door sweeps or thresholds to seal cracks between the door and the floor.  Don't forget to insulate attics and basements.

Vent Cleaning

Dirty furnaces and vents operate twice as hard to heat the home because of dust bunnies and air particles blocking efficiency. Clean the furnace and vents before its first use and every month afterward. A clean furnace and vent ensure fireplaces and heaters are working at its zenith. 

Natural Light

Natural sunlight in winter doesn't get as hot as summer, but it does make the room toasty. The free heat from the hottest windows in the house reduces the heater and fireplace's dependence and contributes to low utility bills.

Selective Heating

Don't heat the entire home if no one is occupying it. Close the vents and shut the door in those rooms so the air can flow toward .  At night, turn off all heaters and fireplaces in all rooms except the bedrooms.

Ceiling Fans 

If you use ceiling fans correctly, it would be a big help year-round.  During summer, turn ceiling fans counter-clockwise to soak up hot air from extremely hot rooms. However, heat rises during winter, so turn ceiling fans clockwise on a low setting to push hot air downward.

Furniture Arrangement

Believe it or not, the feng shuei of your home can actually save or cost you money. Too often one component of the sofa-loveseat-recliner-accent chair combination is behind a window.   Arrange the furniture so no furniture is behind a window to eliminate drafty air from under the furniture. 

Keeping these tips in mind can not only keep you warm during the harsh winter months, but save you hundreds of dollars. It's not too late to prepare and ensure that you'll be both comfortable and energy efficient.

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