6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Switching Jobs

It can be a common occurrence to find ourselves at a job that isn’t fulfilling our needs. The wages may be too low, there may not be room to grow, the list can go on. However, before making a decision to leave your current place of work or change your career, there are some evaluation questions that you should ask yourself to confirm that you’re making the right decision. Here are some things to think about when contemplating a new job or career.

1. Is it the company, or is it me?

You need to evaluate your company by looking at the immediate things around the company. You need to ask how your superiors worked their way up, or if they received wage increases. If others have gained success in your company, it may be you that’s holding you back to a certain extent. Jim Rohn taught this simple principle. If you’ve seen others within your company flourish while you’ve remained stagnant, think of some ways for you to improve and earn recognition.

2. Will I need more schooling?

If you want to switch jobs, you may need to go back to school to become more competitive in your desired field. Therefore, you must commit to seeing that further education through. You need to determine if you’re at a time in your life where you can successfully earn the degree or certification required for what you want to do. Secondary education is a big commitment, and if you’re not prepared for it you end up losing time and money.

3. Is there a market for what I want to do?

Before making any decisions, take a good, hard look at the outlook for jobs in your desired field and decide if it’s prudent to make the switch. Sometimes there may just not be any jobs available and you have to play the waiting game. If there are limited spots, look at the qualifications and see how you fare. You may then realize it’s time to take some initiative and enhance your draw to potential employers.

4. Will I need to relocate?

Perhaps you’re very skilled in IT, you've just earned your BS in computer science but you live in the middle of nowhere. While IT has a healthy market, a majority of those jobs are going to be located in suburban and urban areas. If that’s the case for your desired profession, it would be wise to relocate so you can go where the demand is met. Of course, there are many other factors when moving as well. You must decide if the move is right for you and the important people in your life. The answer may obvious for some people, but no so easy for others. Be sure to think long and hard about this matter.

5. What will the impact be?

When switching jobs or a career, you should think of the potential fallout that comes with it. This may be time for a good old-fashioned pros and cons list. Weighing the positive with a negative is a good way to make a calculated decision, often leading to the right choice. Take your time, and think about the effects of a new job in your life.

6. Would I be switching for the right reasons?

It’s important to realize why you want to switch jobs. You need to make sure that even though a new line of work would bring in something like a bigger income, that it wouldn’t make you miserable. You need to put your overall happiness before anything, and if you’re happy where you’re at, you should try to do everything in your power to flourish in your present situation. It is better to make less money in a role you enjoy with good company culture than making more money doing something you find miserable.

If there’s anything to take from these questions, it’s that you should take your time when deciding to switch jobs. Get a good idea of the opportunities with the company around you. Put everything behind a metaphorical magnifying glass, and take your sweet time. Don’t chase the money, chase your dreams, chase a job and career that fulfills you on a daily basis.