6 Things Every Healthy Relationship Needs

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner can be one the most difficult things you will experience. People change, times get rough, obstacles arise, and it can be challenging to maintain a strong partnership.

Below I describe six essential things that every relationship needs to remain healthy. If you feel that the bond between you and your significant other is weakening, it could be caused by the failure of one or more of the following aspects.

Mutual respect

This is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. Without respect, you might experience a bumpy road. This does not mean that you always have to agree with each other. It does mean that you should feel admiration and appreciation for your partner and value his or her needs. Respect means that you support each other and have each other’s back when it really counts.

Common parenting style

There are many styles of parenting. It will be much harder to have a healthy relationship if you do not agree on one. When it comes to parenting, unique situations often arise that cause partners to discover significant differences in their parenting style.

If you have different parenting styles, it is important to talk to each other openly about your thoughts and concerns. It is crucial that you have this conversation before you decide to have children. If your issues are not addressed by the time your first child is born, you have not created a stable environment.

Equal say in all major decisions

Both parties should be aware of and involved in all major financial decisions. Secrecy is will destroy a relationship. That is why it is crucial to work together when you are considering the purchase of a home or how you will save money for your child’s education.

Money can be an incredibly touchy subject. It can put a tremendous strain on a relationship and couples snap at each other. The best way to avoid conflict when discussing money is to be as open and honest about every financial goal and concern that you have.

Effective approach to confrontation

Arguing is not always a terrible thing. In fact, most healthy couples argue. Arguing is often a sign that you feel comfortable enough with one another to voice your opinion, even if it might cause a minor disruption to your affection. However, your confrontation should never become more heated or more violent. Any argument that becomes physical or emotionally traumatizing creates a dangerous situation for both partners.

The key to healthy arguing is to disagree without becoming combative or offensive.

Shared goals

You should share core values. It is OK if he likes the edges of a pizza and she likes the middle as long as you see eye to eye on the truly important things.

Sharing long-term, core goals and values will result in experiencing a much happier life for both of you. Do you both want to have kids? Do you both want to live in the city? Having the ability to work together and find solutions that satisfy both of your objectives is a sign of a strong relationship. 

Enjoy each other’s company

Having fun is what it all really comes down to. Do you love being spending time with this person? A healthy relationship is one that will keep you smiling often. You should feel grateful for what you have. Looks may fade, but one’s personality and their sense of humor may last a lifetime.