6 Tips for a Better Work Day

It can be incredibly hard for the long grind of the work day not to hinder our productivity. We often burn ourselves out trying to be as efficient as possible. Often times when we’re performing similar tasks day in and day out, it can be hard to get out of this haze created by the daily minutiae of the workplace. However, even if your day-to-day responsibilities and schedule are constant, there are ways to refresh yourself before and during the workday to make yourself more productive than ever.

1. Do something that pleases you before work

Get your day off on the right foot by doing something you enjoy before the long work day. This could be something like exercising, reading a book, or listening to music. Coming into work in a great mood is beneficial to yourself and the people around you. You’re setting a good tone for the day, and it can all be accomplished by doing something that makes you happy in the morning.

2.  Eat breakfast

You need to eat something that will tide you over until lunch. This is the biggest favor you can do for yourself quite possibly for the whole day. If you’re feeling hungry in the morning, it will consume you. Your eyes may be glued to the computer but exactly how much is getting done? Eating something will enhance your focus, eliminating the distraction of an empty stomach and giving your sole attention to the early responsibilities of the day.

3. Celebrate progress

If your superiors don’t always acknowledge it, you need to take a moment and give yourself props for a string of hard work. The satisfaction of finishing a project that you completed efficiently and effectively is a great feeling, and it’s something you can chase throughout your whole workday. A lot of people who put up a good couple hours of work find themselves twiddling their thumbs after completing something. Keep going after it, chase that satisfaction until it’s time for you to go home.

4. Keep a list of things to do

Your superiors may not have something that calls for your immediate attention. For these scenarios, keep a list of a document of productive things that you can do for the office so you don’t end up staring at a screen for two and a half hours. You don’t always have to wait on the words of others, take initiative and control of your work day.

5. Help others solve problems

If you hit a lull in your workday, see if there’s something you can do for your team around you. As long as it’s not considered a misuse of your time, it’s a great day to make your work day a bit more refreshing. Collaborating with fellow employees allows for great communication within the workplace and is a far better option than you staring off into those fluorescent lights.

6. Get out of your chair for 5 minutes

If you’re going crazy and need an escape for 5 minutes, you definitely need to take it. Get up and move around a bit, leave the office and walk around the office or floor of your office. Don’t just sit in your chair and pray for lunch or the end of the day, get moving for a little while. Even the smallest of breaks that get you out of your chair can be undeniably refreshing, putting you in a better mood for the rest of the day.