6 Tips for Travelling Successfully with Your Partner

Travelling with a partner is one of the most rewarding experiences in a relationship. Being able to spend vacation time one-on-one, exploring a new place or new culture, is not only enjoyable but also enriching. However, it’s easy to become so stressed out over planning or budgeting that you forget to enjoy your loved one’s company.

Here are six tips to help you travel more successfully with your partner.

1. Agree on Standards

Before you take any trip with your partner, be sure to discuss travel standards. Are you fine with staying in a hostel room while your partner is searching out only five-star hotels? Do you want to travel first class, while your partner is comfortable back in coach? Whatever your personal preferences, it is necessary to communicate them ahead of time. Talk with your partner and agree on what types of travel, accommodations, and tours you are both comfortable with and will fit in your budget. Open communication and agreement ahead of time will alleviate confrontations while on the trip itself, and will allow you both to enjoy your trip more.

2. Budget Ahead of Time

Before you leave on your trip, take the time to sit down and budget. How much do you anticipate spending on gas, on food, on attractions, and on souvenirs? Always make sure to round up, and make sure that you have plenty of available funds in case of an emergency. After you plan out what you can comfortably spend comes the fun part—actually picking out all those hotels, restaurants, and attractions! Having a target budget planned out ahead of time can make dinners, transportation connections, and shopping much less stressful while on your trip, which means you can have more fun together.

3. Plan Ahead

Though it’s not necessary to plan out every particular of your trip, it is necessary that you have a general plan in place. What flights are you taking, when do they get in, and how are you getting from the hotel to the airport? What cities will you be staying in, and where, or with whom, will you be staying? Make sure that the big decisions about air, rail, or car travel and accommodations are made before you leave, and you’ll have more time to explore your destination and enjoy your partner’s company while you’re there.

4. Be Willing to Compromise

Before you leave, write out a list “must-dos” and “must-sees” together. Make sure that you are able to prioritize those attractions, but be ready and willing to compromise on the smaller things—like a restaurant for lunch. Take turns choosing what activity you’re going to do or what attraction you’re going to see. You’re on a vacation together, and you both must be able to value the other’s priorities.

5. Eat and Sleep

When you’re exploring new places, especially in the company of a loved one, it’s easy to forget to take care of your body. Pack snacks, and make sure that you’re not skipping meals. (Besides the fact that you’ll get cranky, trying new foods is a great way to learn about, and immerse yourself in, a new culture!) Try to get a good night’s sleep every night, since you’re packing in so many new activities every day. After a long day of exploring or travelling, hunger and exhaustion can cause irritability—something you definitely want to try to avoid on a vacation with a loved one!

6. Give Yourselves Extra Time

As with your budget, it’s always better to round up when dealing with transportation. Taxis can take wrong turns, trains can leave early, and flights can be cancelled. Always try to build in a buffer zone of time when making a connection, as this will ease some of the stress and exhaustion associated with travelling, and will allow you to better enjoy each other’s company.