6 Ways to Avoid Complacency

Regardless of your perspective of how far in life you’ve come, you always need to strive for more. In all fairness, your life will never be truly perfect, but there are are many ways you can improve it. For a lot of people, chances and risks taken can gradually lead to comfort zones, making one feel like they’ve done enough in their lives so there’s no need to change. The fact of the matter is that there are so many aspects of life for a person to grow that there is no excuse to stop growing, but so many of us get caught up in our comfort and lose out on so much valuable personal growth. Luckily, there are plenty of ways so you can avoid complacency, so you can continue to flourish even if you think life is already as good as it gets.

1. Look at the Whole Scope

As mentioned earlier, there are so many ways in which one can improve themselves. Maybe you have a dream job that you love and a home to be proud of, but you’re 20 pounds overweight. Health has a vital importance that wealth can’t compare to, so you can start exercising to round out that part of your life. Perhaps you have a job that takes a lot out of you, consuming all of your time and energy. In that scenario, you should look for something positive that you can spend time on that gives you satisfaction. Things that immediately come to mind are starting a productive hobby or volunteering.

2. Take Risks

If you’ve landed in a comfort zone, you could find yourself there for a long time if you don’t look for ways to improve upon yourself. If you’ve never done anything in your life that has truly scared you or shaken you to your core in a positive way, go out and do it. Also, if you successfully accomplished something that scared you, think about how it felt to make that thing a reality. You need to go chase that feeling as often as you can. That immeasurable great feeling is often achieved by taking risks.

3.  Communicate

If you don’t have anyone in your life who thinks of ways you can improve, you should ask them how you can do so. This can be done in a completely healthy way and whether you want to heed their advice or opinions is ultimately up to you. The important people in your life may have ways for you to be better that were completely up to you. Whether it’s friends, family, or a significant other, you should always ask how you can be better. Don’t get defensive about anything, be sure to help one another out so both you and the people you care about can continually grow.

4. Focus on the Journey

It’s important when trying to improve upon yourself to take things one day at a time and to trust yourself that you’re doing something right. If you’re saving up for a dream apartment and then you realize that it seems impossible to get something you envisioned, keep at it anyway. Not everything falls into place as quickly as we want it to, but if you continually work hard to become better than you may surprise yourself with your results.

5. Do Something Different Every Day

You should strive to find different methods of productivity every day in order to make every day as unique as possible. Switching up things in your routine will make you a more well-rounded person and will keep you from falling into a familiar routine, allowing you to flourish instead of becoming stagnant.

6. Find Balance

Be sure to take things gradually so you don’t burn yourself out too much. Keep in mind that even if you’re making a huge change in your life, that it won’t happen overnight. Just stay positive and take things slowly. Making an honest effort for positive change is the most important part, just stay on the right path and you’ll be on your way to a better version of yourself.

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