6 Ways To Inspire Kids To Learn About History

When it comes to any child’s preferred school subject, history is not often the first to come to mind. Whether this is caused by the subject’s wide-ranging subject matter – including dates and events – that they are expected to remember, or if history seems too political and complex, children often have a hard time enjoying history lessons.

Are you a parent or teacher struggling to get your kids or pupils interested in history? When you need a few ideas to spark their motivation, I’d recommend following these strategies:

Ask them to discuss their views on the subject

Ask your kids or pupils what they think of history and let them express their feelings. Pay attention to what they like or dislike about it. Do not forget to ask about what challenges they face when learning history as this can improve the way you are teaching the subject.

Help them create a personalized history notebook

An easy way to inspire kids to learn about history is to help relate to it. Ask them to keep a “history notebook” and ask them to personalize it with events and dates concerning their school life, family life and individual achievements. This will make dates, chronology and learning fun and unique.

Organize a special “history day” every month

Whether it is a day in which you take a field trip to a museum, a costume day or a theme day, inspire kids to love history by allowing them to explore museums, wear historical clothing or decorate their room or classroom at least once a month. While they enjoy themselves, explain the historical subject matter to them throughout the event.

Make use of board games

Trivial Pursuit for kids, Pictionary and Jeopardy are entertaining and relaxing games that can challenge a child’s historical knowledge and increase the level of competitiveness within the whole class.

Make use of video documentaries

As we know, a child has a very visual mind. While they do enjoy narration and storytelling alone, they love to hear a story when it is combined with visuals. That is why allowing kids and pupils to watch historical documentaries and movies is a great method that will keep their attention focused. Make sure the video content is exciting. It should feature interesting characters that children can admire or relate to.

Teach them about heroes

Kids love hearing about heroes and stories of special people who became famous for their actions and beliefs. Explaining history to a child by discussing a hero will help them remember names and historical periods faster. In addition, talking about heroes may teach children valuable life skills and may motivate them to do well and challenge themselves.