7 Adjustments to Make For a Productive Morning

In order to get everything you can out the day, you have utilize the potential stored within you by filling your day with productivity. You should aim for a feeling of utter satisfaction just before you shut your eyes at night. You should be satisfied because you finished the day on a strong note. Before you crush the day, you have to start it on a positive note. Mornings are difficult for a considerable amount of the human populace, but there are easy things we can be doing in order to make our mornings easier, which will lead to more effectiveness during the day. It may be hard for you to admit, but those crazy morning people are onto something, and maybe deep down you strive to feel as good as they do. Here are some things to consider to putting a pep in your step in the AM, so that you can seize the whole day.

1. Put your alarm on the other side of the room

This may be the least appealing option of them all, but this is a good method to avoid oversleeping and grogginess because even by opting for another 9 minutes, you still have to rise from your mattress to turn off your alarm. When your feet hit the floor, your body gets a greater sense that day is about to begin, and that you should get moving.

2. Make your bed

The bed is the focal point of your sleeping quarters, which is why they’re called bedrooms (crazy, right?). By completing the simple task of making your bed every morning, you’re at least you ensuring that you’ve done one thing productive before you’ve left the house besides put on clothes. Even if the rest of your space isn’t the tidiest, at least you have the item that draws the eye the most looking spiffy. Besides, you can always get the rest a little later. If you were inspired to clean the rest of your room that morning, even better. It all really depends on how much time you allot yourself, but be sure to spare a few minutes to make your bed.

3. Exercise

You've certainly heard this before, but if we’re just talking in terms of waking you up, the workout doesn’t have to be outrageously intense. Do something light that will make you feel ready to take on the day, there’s no need to break a profuse sweat. Again, if you’d like to take things a step up and do a full routine, more power to you. In the morning, just do enough to make you feel good.

4. Read Something

If you aren’t quite ready to get out from under the covers, pick up anything and read it. By reading something you can eliminate the haze in the morning that makes you adjust your pillow and fall back asleep by working your brain from the get-go.

5. Assess Your Day

Before you start the day, know what’s ahead of you before any appointment or responsibility sneaks up on you. Jot down the day’s tasks on a piece of paper or in your phone, and prioritize accordingly. Mapping out your day keeps your agenda in track, and ensures that no minor detail of your day is left out. Again, for best results, WRITE IT DOWN.

6. Eat Something

The oldest adage of them all. Nourish yourself with something so you won’t be distracted by hunger. Eating something before you start your day can better effect overall mood and productivity amongst several other things. If you can help it, try to make sure you’re eating as full and as healthy of a breakfast as possible.

7. Let in Natural Light

There aren’t much better ways to be woken up than by a nice sky and a bright sun. By letting in natural light, it’s harder to avoid the morning, and the pleasant wake-up will give you a greater sense of awareness that it’s time to start the day.

Hopefully you’ve found these tips helpful. All of these suggestions can be done with ease, and can get your day right on track. If you’re sluggish in the mornings, try instituting one of these suggestions into your routine and see what difference it makes.