7 Dating Mistakes New Couples Make

Dating someone for the first time can be an extremely exciting yet nerve-wracking event. From approaching your prospective date to getting to know each other, the whole thing can be very overwhelming.

Anxiety and worries aside, dating is usually a truly enriching and interesting experience. Be careful, however - silly mistakes can turn what could possibly become an amazing, long lasting relationship into a disappointing flop. Below I provide the most common mistakes that new couples make when dating. Avoiding these mistakes will certainly benefit your relationship and your overall wellbeing.

Being an “overgiver” from day #1.

Would you give your car keys to a complete stranger? Would you tell them everything about yourself? I would assume not. When you start dating someone that you have only known for a short time, try to be kind and generous without giving too much. Until you have developed a strong connection, there is no need to tell them your life story or share your deepest feelings. Doing so may frighten them. In addition, you do not need to offer to help them with all of their personal problems. Learn how to say no. If you do not, the your potential partner may start to take advantage of the situation without either of you realizing it. This is a recipe for significant relationship problems.

Overly romantic and poetic.

Although you may have strong feelings for your new date, there is no reason to recite Shakespeare or the latest poem that you have written for them on your first or second date. As much as you would like to express your feelings, sending poems or overly romantic texts may appear quite unnatural and inappropriate for someone you have only recently started dating.

Being too available.

Always being available when your date wants to see you – or making sure that you are free 24/7 in case they call – might make the relationship stronger at first, but your potential partner will eventually feel as though your time is not valuable. The fact that you are ready to drop all of your plans for them gives your date a sense of control over you. This often backfires for new couples.

Making comparisons.

No matter how recently you and your ex have split up, making constant references and comparisons to your ex is definitely a no-no. While the odd joke or reference to your previous partner(s) may not necessarily be an issue for some, your new date may think that you are still emotionally involved with your ex and will call it quits.

Talking about marriage and kids.

While it is important to discuss future plans with your partner, talking about marriage and kids during the first few weeks or months may scare them away. Spending time getting to know each other and taking things gradually will help both of you determine if your relationship is one that may last.

Being needy and possessive.

Let your partner have some space and alone time. Do not make them feel like you are constantly in need of their presence or their calls/texts. Try to show your new partner that you care about them without showing too much jealousy or possessiveness. Value their individual freedom as much as you value your own and learn how to trust. Self-sufficiency and independency are traits that never go unnoticed and will make your date more and more intrigued by you and your world.

Neglecting friends and family.

This is probably the most common mistake people make when they begin a relationship. Dating does not mean that your world has changed. Your life is the same. It has simply been enriched by a special someone who most likely does not want you to lose your friends and family over them. If they do, you may want to rethink the relationship.