7 Game-Changing Resources For Entrepreneurs

In today’s world, finding tools for conducting and improving your business can be a daunting task simply because there are so many options available to you. Most of the time we rely on tools or books that are referred to us by fellow co-workers or managers for insight into our success or ways to improve our techniques. While this is a perfectly acceptable approach, it would be much simpler if there was some way to know what tools and resources have actually been recommended by professionals based on personal experience.

Although different methods and approaches work better for some than for others, there are a few that have gained a reputation for being applicable to multiple business endeavors. Here are 7 such sources to help you improve your business achieve success and maintain your entrepreneurial spirit.

1. The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne

This is perhaps the simplest book you will ever have read, but the lessons and ideas conveyed in its pages can make or break you as a successful businessman or entrepreneur. You may have heard the story of The Go-Getter referred to as ‘The Blue Vase.’ In the book, a young war veteran, William, is seeking employment and will stop at nothing to complete the tasks set to him by the company owner who is considering hiring him.

Throughout the course of a night, Will runs into obstacle after obstacle, all the while simply trying to obtain a blue vase that his boss told him to collect from a shop in town. While everything that could go wrong does go wrong, Will never gives up, and come the next morning, successfully delivers the vase to his boss, who gives him the job. The point of the story is that if you take the time to solve your problems and persevere in the face of almost certain failure, you can succeed in any endeavor you set out to accomplish. This a great read for all entrepreneurs, salespeople, and whoever else has a goal that they want to accomplish.

2. OneLogin

OneLogin is a perfect tool for anyone who uses multiple website accounts that require passwords and profile information. OneLogin allows the user to take all of their regularly used websites, including Gmail, DropBox, and more, and put them under one username and password login combination. This helps to alleviate the headache of memorizing countless different login usernames and passwords or having to write them down in a notebook. It also only costs $5 at most per month to utilize the tool, so I would definitely consider it as a worthy investment.

3. Small Business Administration

Small Business Administration (sba.gov) is a free website that provides you with information, educational tools, and insight from fellow business owners just like you. The website is filled with articles focusing on subjects like ‘Creating A Business Plan,’ and ‘Business Law and Regulations,’ just to name a few.

The website also features a blog with helpful information from professionals in various fields, including finance, sales, marketing, and many more. SBA even provides loans and grants for small businesses and researchers as well. Other services offered by the site include information on business contracts, management, growth and expansion, importing and exporting product, and marketing and advertising techniques and practices. A great tool for anyone that wants to start a business or just needs some assistance in the process.

4. 7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen Covey

Dr. Stephen Covey first published his guideline to success back in 1989, which has since sold more than 25 million copies worldwide and has been reprinted in over 40 different languages. Dr. Covey is a Harvard and Brigham Young University PhD graduate who has spent his career as a motivational speaker, educator, organizational consultant, and vice chairman of FranklinCovey Co.

7 Habits of Highly Successful People has reached and influenced business CEOs, educators, presidents, and sales and marketing teams alike. It stresses productivity through personal growth and change, asserting that if an individual can learn to live with integrity and dignity, that success will come more easily. It might not be free, but it’s definitely worth $20 or so at your local bookstore.

5. Meetup

One of the best ways to market your brand or company is by getting out and attending networking events. Meetup.com is a great way to meet like-minded professionals and small business owners in your local area and gain valuable referrals, connections, and leads. It also offers you the opportunity to discuss current market trends and business news with people in your own profession. This is an invaluable tool for business owners and independents and only costs about $2 for a year’s subscription.

6. Evernote

Consider Evernote.com to be your online filing cabinet. This is a website that offers you the ability to make digital to-do lists, organize and write down personal and business notes, and even bookmark helpful websites that you come across for helping you improve your business. You can create a profile and start working for free, but there are also additional features that are available for either a Plus or Premium membership.

7. Score

Much like SBA, score.org is an interactive site for business owners and entrepreneurs that need advice in a variety of subjects. Score is a non-profit site with more than 11,000 working business professionals and retired businessman that contribute to the site’s content, providing up-and-coming entrepreneurs with helpful information and guidance for achieving success. Any subject from making business plans, how to incorporate your business, government contracting, advertising, branding, lead acquisition, bookkeeping, budgeting, new technology, and management techniques are included on the site. Seminars and workshops are also offered through the site for an additional fee.