7 Motivational Habits You Should Pick Up Today

Motivation isn’t always the easiest thing to come by. The hustle and bustle of everyday life, coupled with our own failures and setbacks can wear us down and make us want to just give up on everything. While there are plenty of motivational materials out there like role models, quotes, movies, songs, books and stories to help set the spark, a big part of staying motivated comes from our own habits and our attitude towards our goals, and life in general.

While reading up on some underdog success stories and listening to the Rocky soundtrack might do a lot to help, you should also try picking up these seven habits that motivate people everyday.

1. Always be positive.

Almost every article that you read regarding motivation will tell you that you have to keep a positive attitude, and that’s because it’s true! Staying positive about your goals and your mission to achieve them is one of the best habits you can formulate if you want to be successful. Don’t focus on your failures and shortcomings; focus on your successes, what you did to achieve that success, and what you can do differently to ensure you succeed again.

2. Go out of your comfort zone.

Opting to go the easy route, or stay in familiar territory is not anyway to help you reach your goals. Successful individuals are successful because they have stepped outside of their comfort zones and used the opportunities to learn and gain experiences that will continue to help them down the road. You must be driven to learn and to succeed, not steered or pushed. Instead of avoiding, or running from a problem, face it head-on, and look at it as a learning opportunity instead of a setback.

3. Try to remain humble.

As you continue to experience success on your journey, try to remain humble and true to your original goal. While you may be doing everything right and finding success around every corner, others may be failing in their efforts. Do not look down on them for their failures; instead, try and discover what they did wrong in their endeavor, and avoid making the same mistake.

4. Don’t blame others.

It might be easier to blame your shortcomings on others, but the fact of the matter is you must hold yourself responsible for your own failures and shortcomings. Others may be around to help you, but they, like you, are on a journey of trial and error. Everyone makes mistakes. If you never made a mistake you would already be successful and therefore wouldn’t even be reading an article about staying motivated. Instead of blaming others, first try to work with them to solve them problem so that you both can gain valuable information from the experience.

5. Want to learn more.

Staying motivated is all about your attitude, and your desire to succeed and to learn. Research and learning opens the door for you to discover new methods, tools, and strategies that can help you accomplish your goal, and help you to help others succeed in theirs. Never shy away from an opportunity to read a new book, or a recently published case study or article related to your field, and attend as many professional seminars and networking events as possible in order to learn as much as you possibly can.  

6. Clearly envision your goals.

You cannot hope to accomplish anything if you cannot clearly envision your end goal. Successful people, when they first set out, had a clear idea of who they wanted to be and what they wanted to get out of life. They never gave up, always kept their heads up, and believed in the possibilities. Remember, anything is possible when and if you put your mind to it.

7. Take some time off.

No one ever became successful by isolating themselves away from friends, family, and the rest of society. In order to stay motivated, take some time to yourself every now and again. Go to the movies, or go out with friends or your spouse/significant other. Having a social life carries its own dose of motivation that can be just the thing you need to reset and begin again the next day, so be sure to indulge in some fun on a regular basis.