7 Quotes for Life & Success from Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the up and rising stars of the National Football League. He was drafted by the New York Giants in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft after playing wide receiver for Louisiana State University from 2011-2013. Beckham also played in the 2011 US Army All-American Pro-Bowl game.

In his short time with the NFL, Beckham has managed to secure two Rookie of the Year Awards (Pro Football NFL Writers and Associated Press) and is currently the youngest player to grace the cover of Madden, appearing on the Madden NFL 16 cover. Beckham also reached 100 Career touchdowns in only 14 games, and has already set more than 30 NFL records. Always one to accept a challenge and prepare for the future while enjoying the present, here are 7 quotes from Odell Beckham Jr. that can help you stay motivated to accomplish your goals.

1. “Take advantage of every opportunity life gives you.”

Life will be full of opportunity if you are willing to go out and chase your dreams. You might have to put in a lot of work to get there, but if you persevere and stay focused on your end goal, your efforts will be rewarded.

Odell Beckham knew it was his goal to be a professional athlete, and he has worked hard ever since his years in high school to achieve that goal, becoming one of only two athletes to run 1,000 receiving yards in one season. If you dedicate yourself to your goals and pursue them with passion, you can one day achieve them too.

2. “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

Odell Beckham Jr. has achieved a success that very few people his age can relate to, but his accomplishments have not been without great effort on his part. Our goals and dreams are what we aspire to accomplish with our lives. If we were able to achieve them overnight, however, it would be safe to say that we wouldn’t put much value on them.

The hard work and time that you put into chasing your dreams will make your success that much better, and will teach you patience and discipline. So don’t shy away from the work, embrace it and use it to accomplish your goals.

3. “Realize your purpose in life. Then you’ll realize your place in society.”

Everything on this planet has a predetermined purpose: bees pollinate flowers, leaves absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and rivers carry minerals and nutrients to various ecosystems along their banks. Human beings have a purpose too, although we may not know our own individual purposes in society until we being to pursue our goals.

Odell Beckham Jr., for example, realized his dream of being a professional athlete, and has worked hard to achieve the success that he has achieved. Now that he is a member of the NFL, his role in society will be to become a role model and an inspiration to a new generation. Your destiny is not necessarily predetermined, but your passions and dreams are a part of your identity. Once you have realized your dreams, then finding your place in society will come naturally.

4. “Everyone made an impact in their own way last game. This is a team game and it takes the whole team to get the win.”

Whether you are an athlete, a business manager, or a lawyer at a large firm, teamwork is a crucial part of your success. Odell Beckham Jr. may have come a long way on his own, but his success in pushing the New York Giants to further victory will also be determined by his ability to trust in his teammates.

The road to achieving your goals may be difficult, but accepting help from others can make the task much less daunting and that much more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, and always be willing to offer help if you can. You might be surprised at just how much you can accomplish with a little help from a friend.

5. “Can’t stop thinking about tomorrow.”

Although it is important to stay focused on the present, it is important to have a plan in mind that you can follow to accomplish your goals. It is also important to set new goals for yourself as you go along, so that with each victory you can continue to aspire and work towards a new victory. This will help you maintain discipline and keep you motivated to give everyday your best.

6. “We have studied the film and our mistakes and will improve with each game.”

Athletic teams are constantly looking for ways to improve their game, much like a salesman is always looking to improve his pitch and an entrepreneur is always looking to learn from his mistakes in order to do better in his next endeavor. Making mistakes, however, is just a part of growing and learning.

When you make a mistake (and you will make a mistake) don’t agonize over it or eat your heart out. Accept that you made an error, figure out how to fix it, and then learn from it so that you are better prepared for next time.

7. “I’m looking forward to the memories of right now.”

The hard work that you put in now will make the success you achieve in the end that much more rewarding. In order to enjoy the memories of your struggle, however, you first have to struggle. Your efforts in accomplishing your goals will give you an appreciation for the value of your hard work and the patience and discipline it requires to achieve them. If you put your best efforts forward and work hard until you have accomplished your goal, then you will be able to look back and be proud of your work.