7 Rules For Delivering Good Customer Service

Without customers, there is no business, and without any business, there’s no money, and without any money…you get the picture. Having customers is the key to any successful business. True, you have to have a good product and trustworthy employees, but your customers are what really make up your business. So once you’ve got the customers, how do you make sure they keep coming back to keep your business going?

Promotions and special sales will help ensure that people keep popping in from time to time, but what really keeps your customers’ business is your reputation for customer service. A good salesperson can sell anything, but to really deliver good customer service, you have to be able to build a relationship with your customers. To do that, you need to be approachable, personable, and honest. Follow these seven rules of customer service to keep your customers happy and your business profitable.

1. Answer the phone

You call a business, and the phone rings, and keeps ringing, and then rings some more. One of the worst things you can do to your customers is leave them waiting on the phone, with no hope in sight. If you don’t have staff around, consider investing in an automated answering system, or call forwarding. Someone has to be around to answer your phone, because if the customer can’t even get through to talk to a representative, they will never come back. And be sure they feel like they are speaking to a person, and not to a robot.

2. Train your staff

Another nuisance you should never subject your customers to is an untrained staff. Customers want to feel like they are speaking with an experienced, well-trained professional, not someone who walked in off the streets and asked for a job. Make sure your employees are knowledgeable in your products and services, and train them to be professional, courteous, and helpful.

3. Listen to your customers

Part of being helpful and professional is actually listening to your customers. Be sure that you and your staff are not just nodding along while your customers describe a problem and ask you questions. Really listen and try to understand the nature and extent of their problem, and offer sensible responses to their questions.

4. Handle complaints

Whenever you receive a complaint or inquiry from a customer, be sure to actually handle and resolve the issue. Passing the problem on to someone else and just assuming someone else will handle it is a surefire way to a bad customer experience. Handling the customer’s issue until it is resolved shows legitimate concern and appreciation for your customers on your part.

5. Keep your promises

Never promise a customer something you cannot deliver on. This will only anger the customer, who is most likely already upset if you are going so far as to make promises you can’t keep. Always be honest and empathetic, and assure them you are going to do everything in your ability to resolve their problem.

6. Go the extra mile

You should always be willing to go the extra mile to help your customers, even if there is no immediate reward in it. Taking the time to help an already existing customer, or someone who hasn’t even purchased anything without the expectation that they buy something if you help them, helps build a positive reputation around you and your business. This will help you attract more customers and keep your existing customers coming back every week.

7. Include extra incentives

It never hurts to include incentives like coupons and discounts on customer receipts after they make a purchase. Offering coupons with expiration dates makes the customer come back sooner, and also makes them feel like you appreciate their business. This, in turn, will make them more likely to refer more customers to you, so that you never have to rely on advertising and weekend promotions.