7 Small Ways To Have A Positive Influence On Your Community

Volunteering and giving back are big parts of contributing to our community and those around us. However, our true goal should be to support our communities simply by how we live. In addition to more organized efforts, adopting new behaviors can have a large impact on our community.

Participate in Events in your Community

Block parties and free concerts are excellent ways to be a part of your neighborhood. These events are often put together with the hope of giving a context through which people who live around each other can spend time together. You may not be completely comfortable introducing yourself and conversing with every person who attends, but simply being together reminds you that your community is composed of real people with interests and lives that intersect with your own. Plus, attendance is usually free, you’ll just have to purchase food and beverage at the event.

Go to a Farmers’ Market

Going to a farmers market can directly contribute to other’s income. Farmer’s don’t make a great deal of money, so having opportunity to help improve their lives is certainly a great way to contribute to the community at large! Furthermore, the question of where your food is coming from and how it was produced can be answered as simply as asking the person you purchase it from. In cities, farmer’s markets also grant the opportunity to interact with people who are a part of our community, although sometimes you have to drive a little ways towards the suburbs.

Taking Care of Your Property

It might seem like an odd suggestion, but going the extra mile to make your property look beautiful for people passing by shows a high level of commitment to your neighborhood. Especially if you live in cities or lower income neighborhoods, if you have the resources to add some extra embellishments to your property, you should definitely do so!

If your goal is to liven up your neighborhood, consider planting a small garden in front of your house, and making sure to keep the lawn mowed. Making a small investment in keeping up your property shows you have a vested interest in the quality and appearance of your community or neighborhood. Aesthetics don’t change a neighborhood, but you can bring a bit of beauty into people’s lives.

Host a Dinner for Your Neighbors

It’s probably the most direct way to create bonds with your community. Inviting a few neighbors over to your home for dinner can break some of the social awkwardness that exists when you share space with strangers. Furthermore, it’s an incredibly kind gesture. It might be a bit of a hassle, but it will bridge a bit of the gap between you all. Instead of vague neighbors, you can all know a bit of each other’s lives. You may even find that compromise is a bit easier when you can put a bit of history between you all and the issue.

Help Keep Your Neighborhood Clean

It’s as simple as picking up liter as you come across it in your neighborhood. Certainly, participating in big neighborhood clean-up projects helps a great deal, but taking the time pick up the odd bottle or chip bag lying a few feet from a trash can help a lot! It’s the small things that make the biggest contribution!

Attend Community Meetings

As fun as it is to vent to your friends and family what you think needs to be done to improve your community, local community meetings offer a platform by which those who are actively involved their communities can come together to discuss and create solutions. They are typically once a month or more infrequent, and while you might not be able to attend every meeting, showing up from time to time displays a level of involvement in your community. Furthermore, it opens you to the opportunity to meet and get involved with people who also want to help their town and city.

Vote in Local Elections

Lastly, take a bit of time to become informed and vote in your local elections. While presidents, governors, and senators tend to get a lot of attention, local politics are often ignored. But you are responsible for your local politicians, even more, perhaps, then the national elections. Participating in your local elections shows your consideration for your hometown’s politics, and still allows you to exercise your right to vote. You might also find that the more people get involved in local politics, the faster you start to see improvements around your community.