7 Things To Consider Before Dating A Workaholic

Many people are attracted to someone who is industrious and accomplished. It usually means they have applied themselves and are working hard to accomplish their dreams. If you desire someone like this in your life, as many of us are, you should know that he or she might be a workaholic.

If they are, here are some things you should consider before dating such a person:

Work often comes first

That means dates could often get canceled, shortened or you will have to compete for his or her attention throughout the evening. It is not that your significant other does not care for you. It simply means that their job is a major force in their life and, at times, you will have to ride shotgun.

You may spend plenty of time alone

If they are forced to travel for business, there will be many days that you will have to spend alone. This is certainly something to consider if you plan on having children with him or her.

They are goal-oriented

Dating someone who is driven to reach their goals has many benefits. However, it is important to know that these people may have trouble relaxing their mind. They are constantly thinking of new ways to achieve their objectives. This may cause them to seem distracted.

Say goodbye to spontaneity

Workaholics usually plan around their work schedule. They may not be up for going to a movie or checking out a local concert without adequate warning. If you want to do more activities with them, you will have to learn how to plan ahead.   

They are highly competitive

If you decide that you want to race or play a game of Monopoly, you better first understand that workaholics tend to be very competitive people and they may take the game much more seriously than you had planned.

You will have to take the initiative

Because it is difficult for them to keep work off of their mind, they may need to be reminded that it is time to take some time off, to relax and to focus on your relationship.

There will not be many vacations

Although you may want to take a random week off and visit family with your significant other, your significant other might only want to take holidays off. After all, taking a vacation will get in the way of work, and that is simply not an option for many workaholics.

Conclusion: While this person may have plenty of money, good credit and business experience, they may be so obsessed with work that they will only dedicate a certain amount of time to your relationship. However, if you are strongly independent and you are enticed by success, a workaholic might be the one for you.