8 Amazing Travel Sites That Will Help You Plan The Perfect Trip

Traveling is great for the mind and the soul, but many people find it too difficult or too expensive to do. But traveling cheaply is possible- it’s all about being smart, and being armed with the right expertise and resources.

Here are some great travel sites that I’ve found very useful (and hopefully you will too) in planning the perfect trip and getting the most out of your money.


Peek helps you figure out how to spend your day. They offer, “high-quality activities, display them beautifully, and make them easily bookable online via computer, tablet or mobile phone”. But what really makes Peek special is their “Perfect Day” itineraries, where you can view other peoples perfect day and work to create your own. They also offer deals and packages on tours and other activities. Another great thing is that Peek is not just for international travel, you can use it almost any major city, which means you can use it to find new activities or hidden gems close to you.


WhichBudget is like the Google of airline flights. It’s a flight search engine includes local airports and airlines around the world, helping you build an inexpensive, overseas flight plan.


FlightStats is a data service that provides users with a plethora of information about the airline world, including flight times, tracking services, trip planners etc. It can help make your trip a success by giving you info such as the best time of day to fly from a specific airport and which terminals to avoid for connecting flights. You can also view live updates of flight delays, and sign up for free e-mail and phone alerts.


Rom2Rio is a great all-inclusive, comprehensive travel website. You can use tools to compare how you want to travel, the cost of travel, and more. It even gives you very specific information such as the bus line or airline you can use. If you’re a meticulous planner, Rom2Rio can help you iron out the details to make your perfect trip


Airbnb is an awesome and cheap way to find places to stay. Airbnb allows you to rent from local hosts around the world. What makes it cool is that here is a huge selection of places to stay, from small apartments, to homes, to beach houses, to condos, etc., and they’re all well priced.


A lot of people automatically think of a stale old room filled with 20 rickety bunk beds with they think of hostels. But hostels have come a long way, and many offer private, hotel like rooms, and stellar offers such as walking tours, free meals, and even complementary drinks. Hostelz is the Kayack of hostels, in that it searches all of the major hostel websites (such as Hostelworld, or Hostelbookers) for the best prices.


TripExpert is the place to go for expert reviews on hotels, restaurants, activities etc. They calculate their “Trip Expert Score” based on reviews from travel experts from more than 60 publications. It’s great resource to help you get advice on planning the perfect trip.


This site is all about saving you money. If you’re willing to take a slightly longer flight or have a layover, Skiplagged can usually save you some serious cash. How do they do it? According to their website they “expose secrets of the industry by finding airfares not found anywhere else that can easily save you up to 80%”.  It’s a very user friendly, easy to use website, and is definitely worth taking a look at.