8 Habits That Prevent Your Overall Success

People often tell you that you should build habits that help you become more productive and live a healthier lifestyle. Rarely, however, do people sit down and try to figure out what they might be doing with their current lifestyle that is keeping them from reaching their desired success. Being successful is all about staying focused, determined, and persevering. Success never happens overnight, and to expect that it will is not only foolish, but also absurd. True success takes time to achieve, but if you remain true to your goals and never give up, you can accomplish anything. To help you along your road to success, take a second to think about your lifestyle and daily habits; if you find you are falling victim to any of the following, make a plan to break those habits and start leading a happier, healthier, and productive lifestyle today.

1. Procrastinating

Perhaps the biggest reason adults (and students) have to deal with stress is because of our never-failing habit of procrastinating. No matter how simple a task maybe, or how much time we have to do it, we always put it off to the last minute. Make a habit of tending to a new task, or project the minute you receive it. If it is a larger task, make a plan of attack by breaking the task down into an active schedule leading up to the due- or completion date.

2. Rushing out the door

Too many people get up, throw on their clothes, fix their hair, and rush out the door in a matter of 30-minutes or less. Having a morning routine, however, can help you have a much more productive day. You can take care of some smaller, minute tasks before you shower and head off to work, or you can do some exercise or other leisurely activity. What you should definitely include in your morning routine, however, is breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it sets your metabolism in gear and gets your body energized for the rest of the day.

3. Poor time-management

Effective time management is a vital component of your success. Designating and tracking your time to cover your various responsibilities and obligations helps you stay organized and productive, and also helps keep your stress level to a minimum. You can use a number of tools, including your smart phone, to help you develop your time management skills and ensure you don’t miss a date, meeting, or forget about one of your many obligations. 

4. Taking on too much responsibility

As if there isn’t enough to do or worry about already, most of us tend to feel obligated to take on more responsibility when we are asked. Although this helps to show you are passionate, and willing to make yourself available, taking on the responsibilities of others does nothing to help you with your pre-existing obligations and everything to keep you stressed and make you burn-out faster. On the flipside, micromanaging others and being constantly involved in other people’s work can backfire, causing them to lose interest and motivation because you are too busy handling everything anyway. Look for a good balance, and rely on teammates and coworkers to help you get everything done.

5. Failing to prioritize

Going along with effective time management, you must also be able to prioritize obligations and tasks in order to complete them all in a timely manner. Projects that are significantly larger and require more time to finish must be tended to with some urgency, but also broken down into a practical, and effective schedule. That being said, smaller tasks like daily reports and emails should be taken care of first because you will likely spend the least amount of time on them.

6. Forgetting your manners

It might seem a little ridiculous to remind grown-ups about using their manners, but saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can make a big impression on your peers and competition. A simple ‘thank you’ might even get you a new customer, or referral, and will definitely catch the eyes of those superiors looking for future managerial talent.

7. Avoiding opportunities

Too many people miss out on incredible opportunities because they are afraid of failure. If you wish to be successful in your life and in your career, however, you must be willing to take on new tasks and obligations, even if you feel inadequate or that you do not have the necessary knowledge or skills. Being willing to take on more responsibility and broaden your knowledge base and experience shows that you are passionate and dedicated, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you reach success. Remember, if you are afraid, you are taking a chance, and if you are taking a chance, then you are truly living.

8. Feeling sorry for yourself

When you fail, and believe me, you will fail, you gain a new experience and then do your best to learn from it. Failure can be tough to take in some cases, but it can also serve as a powerful stimulant. Sitting around and dwelling on a mistake and then moping about it will do nothing to get you back on track. Instead, accept your mistake, understand what you did and why you did it, and then work to get it right next time. Every single successful person has had to deal with their share of failure, and so will you, so stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up and do something about it.