8 Ways To Get Through A Bad Day

Have you ever heard that it's essential to have bad days so you can appreciate the good days? Well, that's true. 

Sometimes, when you're having a bad day, your mind tricks you into believing that you have a bad life where nothing ever goes righte. Bad days happen to us every so often (and for some of us, it can be a regular occurrence) but just know that the clouds will disappear. 

Here are 9 tips to help you stay in control on those days when you feel like giving up. 

1. Reflect on your feelings

It sounds like a cliche, but thinking about your feelings and trying to understand why you are feeling the way you are will help you to move past it. Sometimes, we try to avoid thinking about our feelings because we don't want to feel weak or vulnerable. Taking the time to process your feelings will make you far better than stashing your emotions away.

2. Listen to your favorite song

It's surprising how much a song can improve your mood. When you listen to the song, think about the lyrics and the meaning behind them. Pay attention to the rhythm and how the song makes you feel. Listening to a positive, upbeat song is a good way to lift you up when you're feeling at your lowest. Also, if singing along will make you feel even better, then go for it.

3. Hug someone

Not surprisingly, hugs make us feel good. When you hug someone it releases a chemical called oxytocin, which is known to make you feel calm and boost positive emotions. So naturally, with the more hugs you give and the more hugs you receive, the better you will feel. Of course, a hug doesn't fix everything but it's a quick way to improve your mood and help you get through the rest of your day. 

4. Have a bath

Baths are great for most situations. If you're feeling stressed or tired, a bath can help to relax you and promote positive thoughts. I don't know what it is, perhaps it's the sensation of floating that makes me instantly feel like I'm erasing any negativity from my mind and body. When you're in the bath, try not to let any negative thoughts distract you and instead focus on positive thinking only. You'll be surprised at the difference it can make.

5. Talk to someone you love

Sometimes, talking to someone you care about can instantly lift your mood. If you're having a bad day, it's important to try and talk to someone about how you're feeling so they can help. Even if they can't help, being there for you is more than enough. Bottling feelings up does more harm than good, so if there's someone who you know you can talk to about anything, give them a call. 

6. Watch something funny

No matter what's going on in your life, laughter is the cure. Take some time out of your day to watch a funny YouTube video or at the end of the evening watch a film that makes you cry-laugh. You are guaranteed to feel better after. Also, laughter increases productivity, which means that you can get more achieved throughout the day. It's a win-win!

7. Pet an animal

It's common knowledge that petting an animal will improve your mood. In fact, pet owners are more likely to have lower blood pressure and improved self-esteem. Luckily, you don't have to own a pet to obtain all of the benefits. You could offer to walk a neighbor's dog, or you could volunteer at an animal shelter. The point is spending time with animals is a great way to boost your happiness levels, which is why you should try to fit it into your day.

8. Get out in nature

When you're having a bad day, the last thing on your mind is exercise. Maybe the thought of staying in bed sounds more tempting, but trust me, it's better to get outside and go for a gentle walk. Being stuck inside, especially if you work from home, can make you feel much worse because of the limited contact with the world. During your lunch break or whenever you get a free moment, go for a walk - you'll thank yourself for it. 

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