9 Careers You Can Pursue In The Travel Industry

The New Year is the perfect time to look to our future plans, both in terms of our personal and professional lives. Where do you hope to be a year from now: with a new company? A higher paying position? Maybe you are thinking about entering a new industry altogether but am not sure exactly where to start or what to look for. The first thing to do is to research your industry and find out exactly what companies are out there, what positions they are hiring for, and also what educational opportunities are available for that specific industry. Once you have a better understanding of what you are getting into and what you are looking for, you can begin narrowing down your options to help you find your dream career.

Many unassuming industries offer many different kinds of employment opportunities. These industries include sports, music, media, communications, entertainment, and even travel. If you like seeing new places and meeting new people, a career in the travel industry might just be the thing for you. Listed below are nine career opportunities for you to consider in the travel industry in 2016.

1. Pilot

If you have dreamed of taking to the skies, becoming a pilot might be the dream you have been looking for. An assortment of job opportunities are available to pilots, including major airline travel, private air travel, and helicopter pilot jobs including media, police, and emergency air transportation.

2. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants get all the benefits of working for airliners without the responsibility of actually flying the plane. They meet hundreds, maybe thousands of people every day, and they get to see new places around the country and around the world. Flight Attendant Training and education is available from various companies and institutions across the country, most of which consist of 6-8 month training programs. Here's how to become a flight attendant.

3. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are currently in an all-time high demand. There has been a drop in interest in this career since 9/11, but with the industry coming back into such popularity, many airports are looking to keep up with the growing number of travelers taking to the skies. This job will require some more specified training, owing to the importance of the position, but the pay is well worth it if you are legitimately interested.

4. Travel Agent

Travel agents are definitely not as in-demand as air traffic controllers, but people do still consult with agents when they are looking to book extended trips, vacations overseas, or visit a destination they have never been before. Travel agents enjoy the comfort of having an office, while also getting to travel to new destinations to familiarize themselves with the area in order to offer sound advice and services for people going to those places.

5. Hospitality

Hospitality positions also offer employees the opportunity to work in fun and exotic places without the necessity of constantly traveling from place to place. You can find work at resorts and luxury hotels around the world that offer employment in major world cities. This career can offer you the opportunity to work from one location or rotate locations for a few years before taking a more permanent position.

6. Cruise Ship Crew Member

If you have experience sailing or simply enjoy being on the water, working for a cruise line is another great opportunity for you to consider. There are various career opportunities you can pursue, including hospitality services, maintenance, medical, technical, or navigational, and you will never have to deal with cold weather again (unless you are on a northern realm cruise like Alaska or some such place).

7. Information Technology

With the way technology is changing the world we live in, the travel industry is no exception. Flight reservations, navigation, and other such information rely heavily on new technology that is constantly changing and improving on a daily basis. IT, like traffic control, is also very high in-demand and offers you the ability to work from pretty much any location you wish, depending on which company you are employed with.

8. Engineering/Technician

Technology is also leading engineers to develop more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient methods of traveling. The travel industry can offer engineers the perfect opportunity to utilize their intuition and ingenuity to design and create the new technology of the future, in air, land, or water transportation.

9. Corporate Opportunities

If you are more of a business-oriented person and are simply looking for a more unique business opportunity, applying for work with any of the major transportation companies’ corporate offices is another option to consider. Even transportation engineering companies like Boeing have a long list of available positions that you can apply for on their corporate website, so if your background is in sales, customer service, management, accounting, human resources, or any other office-oriented position, be sure to check out these sites today.