9 Common Traits of Successful People

If you check out the shelves at libraries and bookstores, you will find a lot of literature that provides advice on how to be successful. There are many meritorious books on the subject. Some of them are written by authors that many would agree meet the criterion of successful people. However, the wisdom of this issue seems to lean in specific directions. In other words, certain traits continue to pop up.

What makes someone successful?

1. They have strong discipline.

They maintain specific habits that usually get them the results they seek. When they make a decision, they will stick with it and see it through. 

2. They do things differently.

Following the path of another will only get you so far. Eventually, you have to lead yourself to success. Truly successful people often act against the norm. They will take actions based on their own conviction and will rarely allow others to tell them how to act.

3. They follow their intuition.

Their “gut feeling” has more influence on their decisions than the advice of others. They place all of their trust on their inner feelings.

4. They aim for maximum profits.

They are all about positioning themselves where they can leverage assets.

5. They network.

They consistently build relationships and rub shoulders with others.  After all, strategic networking will allow your brand to stand out. It will help you discover opportunities that you did not know existed, learn about the failures of others so that you can avoid making their mistakes and establish useful connections.

6. They never stop learning.

They continue to expand their knowledge base on a variety of topics. They understand that new knowledge allows them to consistently find fresh solutions to their problems.

7. Failure will not stop them.

Many of them are fueled by stories of failure. Henry Ford, Milton Hershey and Thomas Edison are some examples of people who experienced major success of which humankind is still partaking – all after epic failures.

8. They strive to become experts in their field.

In other words, they keep seeking wisdom and aim to become savvy about their chosen field or industry. They remain educated on the latest standards.

9. They reach across borders.

These people tend to not see color. They have a United Nations-style mindset. With a global economy, they make every effort to have connections and ventures across the globe. Even if they are homegrown, they aim for world domination.

Conclusion: Successful people are not successful by accident. Their deliberate actions and a particular mindset seems to be the key ingredients to making them rise to the top of their field or industry. In addition, they tend to stay there once they get there.