9 Things We Need to Give Up in Order to Succeed

1. Comparing your life to someone else's.

Nothing is worse than letting someone else's achievements override the joy of your own. Be happy for someone else's success while still being able to see your own for what it's worth. Life isn't meant to be a competition with anybody besides yourself.

2. Forgetting where you came from.

We all start somewhere. Whether that somewhere be at rock bottom, or way up on the totem pole. We all have a starting point, and it's important that to never let success keep you from staying true to your roots.

3. Waiting to start.

If you keep waiting for the perfect moment to do something, well then that moment might just pass on by without any fair warning.

4. Procrastinating

Giving yourself 10 more minutes to accomplish something instead of doing whatever it is at that very given moment. The longer you put something off, the more difficult it will be to accomplish. Ultimately, it's the difference between being a "go-getter" or an "I'll do it later" kind of person. Which would you rather be?

5. Thinking money and success go hand in hand.

You don't need to be wealthy to be successful. The truth is, you can find success in doing anything you set your mind to, regardless if it pays the big bucks or not. Success stems from doing something that inspires and motivates you every single day. It comes in so many different forms and to be honest, sometimes money will be the least important part of it.

6. Spending your money foolishly.

We're taught  from a very young age to learn the value of a dollar. One single dollar is so much more than what meets the eye. Being wise with your finances will help you stay straight on the path to being successful.

7. Not appreciating what you already have.

If you're unappreciative of what you already have in life then having more isn't going to do you any good. When you appreciate your life for what it's worth, you will then be able to make room for even greater things.

8. Being afraid of failure

If you let fear get in the way of your desire to become successful, you will never achieve anything. Fear, which is often linked to self-doubt is what ruins a successful mindset. If you are confident in your decisions, it will reflect in a positive way.

9. Thinking you need to find the "Pursuit of happiness" to succeed

Most people think they must already have something in order to get something else or do something they want to do. The only thing you need in order to accomplish ANYTHING in life is a positive mindset and uplifting mentality.

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