9 Ways To Make Your Day More Productive

Whether you have the day off or you are heading in for another fun-filled day at the office, staying productive throughout the course of the day is a habit we can all afford to work on. For entrepreneurs and business owners, making the most of each day is especially important for maintaining the success of the business. Having to take sick days is bad enough, but wasting valuable time when you are healthy and able to work is even worse. Fortunately there are ways you can improve your daily productivity that will also likely improve your personal life too.

 1. Exercise when you wake up.

A little morning exercise is a great way to wake your body up and increase your energy level for the rest of the day. Exercise burns fat, promotes good cardiovascular health, and boosts your metabolism, so that your digestive tract absorbs all the nutrients it needs to keep you energized throughout the day. Start by doing some sets of push-ups and sit-ups, and then steadily increase the amount by week or month. You could also go for a 15 minute run around the neighborhood.

2. Eat breakfast.

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That being said, you shouldn’t resort to eating Pop-Tarts or going to McDonald’s everyday on your drive into work. Cereal and milk are good starters, but if you have the time, making some eggs, toast, or even oatmeal to eat with some fruit (orange juice is a good alternative) is the perfect way to keep you productive throughout the day.

3. Drink more water and less coffee.

Coffee is great, and even more welcoming in the winter months when it’s 30 below outside and you have a nice, hot cup of Joe to keep you warm. Drinking too much coffee, however, can be detrimental to your health in several ways. For starters, your brain can develop a tolerance for caffeine and cause you to drink more of it in order to feel the same effects. Caffeine also raises your blood pressure and can cause heartburn, dehydration, irritability, and anxiety.

Drinking water throughout the course of the day instead of coffee is a great way to keep yourself productive because it keeps your body hydrated and therefore, more energized. Water also helps maintain your blood-sugar level, aids in digestion, promotes a healthy weight, prevents headaches, keeps you alert, and promotes proper kidney function, among other things. Basically put, you can’t go wrong with drinking water.

4. Pack a lunch.

Going out with coworkers for lunch in the middle of the day might be a fun activity and help relieve some of the pressure of the workplace, but packing your own lunch can help you maintain a healthier diet and keep you more productive at work. Bringing your own lunch will not only force you to eat more healthier options like sandwiches, but it will also save you the time and energy of going out and purchasing a whole meal from Subway or Burger King.

5. Set monthly, and then daily goals.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often pretty well adept at setting goals for their company or business team. Breaking down your long-term goals into smaller short-term goals, however, can help you maintain a strong work ethic and keep you focused on your daily tasks. Set yourself a goal or set of goals for the month, then go further and set up weekly and then daily goals. This will help you ensure that everything gets done in a timely fashion and help you stay on top of your progress in achieving your long-term goals.

6. Maintain an organized work environment.

Dealing with a cluttered desk or an office with a bunch of equipment and materials lying around everywhere does not promote a good work environment for either yourself or your team members. Having a cluttered workspace causes distractions that can keep you from your work and hinder your team’s ability to complete tasks on time. Therefore you should always do your best to keep your desk cleared of non-work related materials and avoid other distractions like loud music.

7. Keep your schedule up-to-date.

Keeping track of your schedule is perhaps the easiest way to stay focused at work. Making sure you keep meetings and deadlines in check will inevitably force you to prioritize your tasks and focus on getting things done in a timely fashion. You can also use your schedule to track your progress in accomplishing your daily, weekly, and monthly goals so as to keep work in line with your long-term goal(s).

8. Avoid multitasking and taking on too much.

Most job descriptions make a point of emphasizing your ability to multitask and handle various tasks at one time. While multitasking may be necessary in cases of larger workloads and encroaching deadlines, it is not necessarily the most productive way to produce good, quality work. Studies have shown that people who multitask are actually less efficient at completing tasks than those who tend to handle things one at a time.

Multitasking has been shown to distract people from completing one specific task and causes you to loose focus easily and mismatch information. When you feel you are already handling enough work, don’t be afraid to turn down taking on more. It is important to know your limits, and as a business leader it is also important not to overwork your team or cause them to do so much that the quality of their work or your product begins to suffer.

9. Plan to do something after work.

Keeping yourself busy in the evening is another great way to maintain productivity and promote a healthier lifestyle. Scheduling activities to do with friends and family in your spare time helps relieve some of the anxiety of the workplace and makes your time at work seem much less knowing you have other interests to indulge in after hours. Try joining a club team or going out to dinner a couple nights out of the week. You might be amazed at how much it helps you stay focused at work.