Answer These 4 Questions to Find Your Calling in Life

Oprah Winfrey and author Steven Pressfield sat down together to discuss how one could steer their life in a positive direction. Pressfield came up with a series of questions meant to help anyone find their calling in life. Let’s break down these four questions and the significance behind them so that you can use them as Pressfield intended.

What am I Most Afraid of?

Fear holds us back far more than any other emotion we experience. The fear of failure and the unknown are ingrained within us so deeply that we often end up doing nothing. One way to find your calling is to think about what you are most afraid of. Once you figure out what your fears are, you have conquered the first step in finding your calling.

This question will help you discover your calling for a number of reasons. First, it will give you an idea of what might be holding you back. Maybe you want to pursue a love of art but you’re afraid of letting people see your work. You can’t become a successful artist if no one ever sees your creations. Evaluate these fears and determine if they are worth what you’re giving them. Think of all the amazing possibilities that may end up getting pushed aside as a result of those fears.

Secondly, this question can show you areas in your life that you need to work on. If you are afraid of public speaking, take the time and figure out what steps must be taken to overcome that fear. You may find that more doors are open after overcoming it. Conquering your fears can give you a confidence boost that can improve many different aspects of your life.

What Would I do if I Had Only Three Months to Live?

This concept can be daunting to think about. If you knew that your life was coming to an end, what actions would you take? Would this knowledge cause you to push your fears aside?

If you knew that you were going to die in three months, what would you regret? If you have truly found your calling in life, you should not regret the decisions that steered you towards that path. It is difficult to see presently what you might regret in the future. Take the time to think about it. Contemplating a certain decision with regret – such as choosing the wrong career path – will help you find a better calling.

What Would I do if Nothing Scared me?

What would you do if fear weren’t a factor? Are you afraid of letting someone down if you choose a different path? This is one of the most common reasons for unpursued goals and perhaps one of the hardest ones to overcome. You need to live your life with your happiness as the ultimate goal. If you are only following a path for fear of letting someone down, reevaluate what you believe your calling in life is. If that fear weren’t there, what path would you take?

What Would I do if Money Weren’t a Factor?

It feels like money dictates just about every aspect of our daily lives. It can dictate the level of education you pursue and the career you choose. If you were born into a lower social class, the cost of a college education can be daunting and it may make you feel as if obtaining a degree is an unachievable goal. On the other hand, if you came from a wealthy family you might not pursue your passion because those close to you will feel it’s beneath you.

Don’t be defined by where you came from. Follow the passions that drive you.  In the end, we decide what success means to us. If you feel compelled to do something in spite that doesn’t match other’s expectations, do it anyway.


Once you find your calling, you will have the freedom to chase after what you love. No matter how lofty your goal is, if you feel it will make you happy, it’s worth pursuing. Happiness is just as important as your results. Even when you’re far away from reaching your goals, take comfort in knowing that you will soon find your calling in life.