Are “Alaskan Salmon” Always Wild Caught?

Since we learned in my article, Are "Wild Caught" Salmon Healthier to Eat? that wild caught IS healthier, many of you have invested in wild caught salmon.

Some time ago, I was shopping at the grocery store. Out of curiosity, I asked the manager of the meat department if there was a difference between Alaskan salmon and wild caught salmon. What he told me was alarming,

Alaskan salmon is a kind of salmon BUT it is not wild caught unless the label says so. When you purchase any kind of fish that does not say wild caught, you can assume it was farm raised. It has to specifically say wild caught in order to be wild caught.

What are you to do?

Understand that you cannot assume anything. If a package says Alaskan Salmon, it is NOT necessarily wild caught Alaskan Salmon. It is likely farm raised Alaskan Salmon. Look for “wild caught Alaskan Salmon” next time you are at the grocery store.

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    John Oman
    Hi Steve... I live in Seattle and I worked in the Alaskan fishing industry for a number of years. I believe your grocery meat (fish) manager is a bit off the mark. I believe all salmon raised on farms are of the Atlantic salmon species. Those farms are lo...  more
    January 26, 2018