Are Bad Foods Contacting You Telepathically?

What are the foods you struggle with? Chocolate? Cookies? Candy? Chips?

I, for one, struggle with chocolate. Not cheap chocolate which tastes like melted wax with a hint of cocoa powder. I am talking about good chocolate like imported Cadbury or Swiss chocolate. The good stuff!

Because of this love affair with chocolate, I guarantee you won’t find any of it in our house. I can’t control myself with chocolate in the house. Clients and family will tease me, "you’re a personal trainer, don't you have the will power to just say no to it?" Despite my discipline and overall strong will power, I do know myself and my weaknesses. If we have it in the house, it's as if the Ghirardelli chocolate can send me telepathic messages of how delicious it is and eventually I will eat it. Since history is a great predictor, I know what would happen if it was in the house. I would act like the Cookie Monster inhaling the chocolate down, without even savoring it.

What I do.

I put myself in a position to succeed. If you took our house apart, you will not find any quality chocolate anywhere. While my kids can have snacks, none of those "treats" send me telepathic messages like quality chocolate does. I never get tempted. If hungry, I move on to a healthier option. I occasionally indulge in some chocolate but it is in a single serving size, never the family size.

What are you to do?

Take a look at your pantry. Are there foods which contact you telepathically saying how delicious they are? Do not purchase them. If you do, purchase the single serving option to ensure you have a limit as to how much you can eat. While food cannot contact you from the store, they certainly have a way of communicating with you from your pantry.


Steven Zahn

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Pre and Post Partum Certified

Dragondoor Publications: HKC Russian Kettlebell Certified