Becoming a Part-Time Entrepreneur (Part 1 of 4)

It is common for people to work multiple jobs and for a variety of reasons. This series focuses on entrepreneurial part-time jobs, and is designed to help those of you who already have a side hustle, as well as those of you looking to get started!

This installment focuses on finding the right job that fits you, your lifestyle and your goals.

What is your motivation?

Your reason or motivation for working a secondary job is a huge factor in determining what type of work will suit you best. Are you looking to act on a passion? Do you want to have access to products or benefits? Do you want to gain experience in a new field? Or, are you just looking to supplement your income? No reason is right or wrong, but take a moment to be honest with yourself so that as you work through the following questions, you start with a solid foundation.

What type of job are you looking for?

There are an infinite number of part-time jobs out there, so take a moment to narrow down your options, using your motivation as a guide. Are you looking to be your own boss completely or join an existing opportunity? For example, are you considering being an Uber driver? Not completely your own boss but fairly flexible conditions. Are you acting on a passion and are more concerned with a cause or enjoying an artform? Maybe you want to run an Etsy shop and share your profits with a non-profit. Do you enjoy fashion and sales? Maybe a company like LipSense or LulaRoe would be good for you. Aligning the job with your goal will make the actual work more enjoyable and most likely lead to much better success.

What kind of resources do you need to get started?

A new venture typically involves an investment of some kind, and it best to be aware of what that is before making your decision to pursue the opportunity. Is there a financial commitment to purchase inventory or materials? Let’s say you decide on that Uber job; do you have a reliable vehicle? Maybe you want to start your own business or run your own Society6 or Etsy shop. Is there knowledge or a skill that you need to learn? What about licenses, permits or tax forms? Having a side income can be a little trickier than some people think. Make sure you do your homework!

How much time are you realistically able to devote to this job?

If you sit down and look at your free hours in a week, it can be easy to over-commit to a secondary job. Don’t just assume that you have your 40-hour work week and the rest is available to you. Factor in time with friends and family, going to the gym, weekly church gatherings, meeting for Happy Hour on Thursdays, etc. Give yourself those hours and minutes so that you aren’t burnt out by the additional job. Also, you guessed it, think back to your motivation! Even if more money was your goal, remember that a little balance now will more than likely allow you to earn more in the long run.

Any entrepreneurial activity can be extremely rewarding. Doing so on a part-time basis is a way to test the waters and see if the concept is profitable, while keeping some a level of job stability. What types of part-time jobs are you considering?

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