Better Alignment Means
Better Business And A
Better Bottom Line

Our platform puts the power of goal setting to work with your employees.
Our data drives results. Here's what happens when routine roles become
part of 'Big Picture' thinking.

Increased Productivity
and Profitability

Employees who understand their individual goals and how they play into
the overall vision are more engaged and work smarter.

Execute Company
Strategy Faster

Speed up the time it takes to hit targets by reducing business
redundancies, recognizing which areas need the most resources and
zeroing in on your biggest priorities.

More Employee Buy-in
Means Less Turnover

Engaged workers are more likely to stay because they believe in your
business and the work they do-and goal alignment allows you to establish
a true pay-for-performance culture.

Our Technology Streamlines The Entire
Goal-Setting Process.

Employees have a clearer understanding of what they need to do to be
successful at their job.
  • Ready. Set. Goal

    Set targets, assign tasks, define roles and responsibilities for individuals
    and teams. Our tools make it easy to break down each goal into measurable
    milestones, timetables and action steps that can be communicated seamlessly
    from desktop to phone or tablet.
  • Track and Evaluate

    Gauge success and discover gaps with cascading performance and momentum
    graphs that update progress in real time. Regular success summaries and other
    analytics also highlight key performance indicators and provide management
    with the insight needed to make sound business decisions.
  • Team Messaging

    Our messaging platform allows you to have private conversations with one
    employee or entire teams. Communicate, collaborate-give instant feedback
    from any device.
  • File Sharing

    Save time and clear up confusion by placing business goals and relevant
    documents all in one place. Drop files, PDFs, images and spreadsheets into our
    system so they can easily be shared with your team and management.
  • Goal Performance System

    Take advantage of another tool to ensure your company and your staff are
    marching towards the same goals. Our G.P.S feature is a conversation starter.
    Get your whole team talking about the direction of your organization, the
    ultimate destination and how you are going to get there.
  • Online Community

    Connect with other Goals.com members by sharing success stories and
    struggles, following your favorites authors and picking up helpful advice.

Ready. Set. Goal!

Set yourself up for success - Harness the power of Goals.com and start
leveraging the platform's robust collection of industry-leading tools.
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