Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

I have worked in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry for over a decade. I have read thousands of resumes during my career, everything from a handwritten paper resume to resumes that are over 10 pages long. I have listed below some very common résumé mistakes to avoid. Keep these in mind before sending your résumé to a potential employer. You only have 6 to 10 seconds for your résumé to impress and grab the reader’s attention!

Unprofessional email address

It's 2017 and I cannot believe that people are still using an email address on their résumés that are unprofessional. Hiring Managers and Recruiters always notice email addresses that are no associated with the applicant's name. Some might find it funny, weird, or just plain strange. I can guarantee that you highly risk them not taking you seriously if you don’t use a professional email. A professional email address also helps you develop your online identity and personal brand. Don't overthink it, an email address simply using your first and last name will work just fine.

Missing location

Managers and Recruiters look at a candidate’s location when reviewing candidate résumé for an open position. If relocation is not offered for the role, then they will focus first on local candidates. It’s important you put your phone number, city and state, professional links, and email address in your header. If you are relocating, then put the city you are relocating to into the header for your address. You will be asked your location during the interview process if someone reaches out to you.


The one-page résumé theory is out of date. Do not try to put everything into a one-page resume if you cannot fit it. You can have a 2-page résumé! A one-page résumé is very common and good for someone early in their career, students, or someone having only one employer for several years. I recommend avoiding anything over two pages. You want to make your résumé is easy to read. Remember, you only have 6 to 10 seconds to capture the reader’s attention. 

Review, Review, Review, then submit….

The most common error made on a résumé is grammar, punctuation, and spelling. These errors immediately grab the reader’s attention and will severely hinder you being considered for a role. I recommend using and installing Grammarly. Grammarly offers a free application that checks spelling and common grammar errors. They also offer other versions that look for more detailed grammar errors and the sentence structure. You should also have someone else review your résumé for mistakes before submitting it.

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