Could Your Diet Slow Down Cognitive Decline?

Many people are concerned that as they age, they may be physically around, but cognitively not themselves. It is a legitimate concern. However, could you diet improve your cognitive functional as you age?

First, what is cognitive function?

Cereboost defines cognitive function as:

Cognitive functions encompass reasoning, memory , attention, and language and lead directly to the attainment of information and, thus, knowledge. Nevertheless, if cognitive performance is directly linked to these functions, other endogenous factors, such as mood and physical health, can impact it tremendously.

Clearly, maintaining sure your cognitive functions is crucial as we age.

Could diet play a role in slowing cognitive functions?

Neurology journal published a study in which 960 participants of the Memory and Aging Project, ages 58-99 years, who completed a food frequency questionnaire and had cognitive assessments done over approximately 4.7 years. What they discovered was very promising. Subjects who consumed green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, collard greens and lettuce) enjoyed a “mental edge” that was equivalent to 11 years younger in age! The participants who ate an average of 1.3 servings of “greens” per day experienced a decline in test performance. The participants who consumed zero “greens” scored just half as well as those consuming 1.3 greens.

Researchers adjusted for age, ***, education, participation in cognitive activities, physical activities, smoking, seafood and alcohol consumption, and discovered the consumption of green leafy vegetables was associated with slower cognitive decline.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Martha Morris, the senior author of the study who is an expert on nutrition and brain health at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. “Eating these leafy greens was independently associated with slower cognitive decline. That tells you this single food group contains so many nutrients it could be brain-protective.”

What are you to do?

Make sure you consume your “greens” every day. Your brain will thank you decades from now!

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