Detoxing: What to do During The Reintroduction Phase

When reintroducing a food back into your system, you want to be careful not to consume more than one of the food groups you eliminated. Also, you do not want to consume foods that you are obsessing over. The first detox I did, all I thought about was consuming granola.  Rule of thumb, you want what you can’t have. This means that granola is a food group I should not consume for quite a while. However, cheese is a food group that would make my life easier by putting it into the rotation. So, I chose to reintroduce dairy first.

Reintroduction steps

  • Pick a food you will reintroduce

  • Pick a day you would like to reintroduce that food.

  • Instead of just consuming a little of that food group, I have that food at meal and snacks.  Since I chose string cheese, I would have string cheese at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack at 1 and 2. Why would I go from zero consumption to over 5 servings?  I am looking for a response. In a sense, I am trying to wake a hibernating bear.

  • After the introduction day, cease any consumption of that food.

  • Pay attention for the next 72 hours if anything happens. Symptoms could include:  constipation, bloating, runny nose, rash/eczema, sinusitis, joint pain, disrupted sleep, etc.  

  • If a reaction happens, such as a  runny nose, you may have an issue.  Alternatively, you could be fighting a virus. To pinpoint the exact issue, wait until the next week, and reintroduce the same food the same way.  If you get a runny nose, you most likely have an issue with that food. If not, that food is unlikely the source of your runny nose.

  • Document which foods trigger a reaction and use that info going forward.  For example, let’s say you have a major presentation you have to give at work in the morning and you discover wheat significantly disrupts your quality of sleep. The night before the presentation, everyone you know is eating pasta and breadsticks for dinner and having cake for dessert.  Since you need the sleep for your presentation, it isn’t wise to have the pasta and breads. The night after the presentation, you could indulge knowing you don’t have any obligations the following morning.

When introducing new foods, keep it simple and only introduce one food at a time.  Lasagna, for example is not of one of these simple foods. Wheat/gluten, different kinds of cheeses, and even sugar are inflammatory components of the lasagna you have gone months without. If you get a reaction, you will not know which food group caused it.  

*The detox information in this article is a collection of information I have learned throughout the years.  From Dr. LaValle, to Life Time’s approach, to various seminars and professional speakers.

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