Follow These Steps for a Quality Detox

People all over the world are trying a detox or a cleanse, and there are many different kinds of approaches that each have their own unique diet restrictions and time commitments. With so much information and differing opinions out there, this series of articles to be released in the coming weeks will give you all of the information that you can rely upon for a successful detox.

To start out the series, here are some helpful steps to practice that will give you the results you need regardless of the strategy you implement. Follow each phase in great detail and you will look and feel better than ever before.

Preparation Week

  • Eliminate all sugar, caffeine, and alcohol from the diet. (If you can not give up caffeine all together, simply cut your consumption in half).

  • Remove all “tempting” foods from the pantry, putting yourself in a position to succeed.

  • Create a plan, purchase your D.Tox kit, register, download recipes, etc. Record what you plan on consuming.

Phase 1: The Elimination Stage

  • Elimination of known and potential allergens and inflammatory foods (dairy, soy, wheat, etc)

  • Increase consumption of quality proteins, fats, and vegetables.

  • Consume your detox shake in order to help the liver detoxify itself.

  • Recommended time:  2-5 weeks.

Phase 2: The Intensive Stage

  • Keep all hypersensitive foods out of the diet.

  • Focus on incorporating wholesome foods in your diet.

  • Follow this stage for 1-3 months

Phase 3: The Reintroduction Stage

  • Slowly reintroduce foods back into the diet to determine what your body may or may not tolerate.Carefully observe the reaction.

  • Reintroduce 1 food type per week.  

Recommended Activities During Your Detox

  • Massage (enhances toxin removal)

  • Exercise more (helps the body flush the toxins)

  • Track your steps per day (moving more will enhance your toxin removal)

  • Dry Sauna (enhances toxin removal)

  • Drink more water (help the body flush the toxins)

  • Improve your sleeping habits (improve your body’s ability to recover)

  • Reduce the amount of plastics you use (water bottles, food storage, etc)

  • Change cleaning products (using less toxic options)

  • Change toiletries (using less toxic options)

Upon finishing your detox, you will feel amazing. It will be tough, but the rewards from that come from the way you’ll look and feel will outweigh any temptation to quit. When I think about how incredible it feels to be healthy, I always come back to one of my favorite phrases: Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.   

Remember, body fat reduction is a result of being healthy. Detoxing is the first step toward becoming healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.  Fat loss is just a bonus “side effect” that can happen when the body is functioning better as the result of the detox.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more articles in this series, which will be shared in the coming weeks.

The detox information in this article is a collection of information I have learned throughout the years. From Dr. LaValle, to LifeTime’s approach, to various seminars and professional speakers.

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Steven Zahn

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