For Fun & Business: Learn a New Language

When talking about goals, the desire to learn a new language is among the most popular goals. There are lots of reasons to do so, whether you're planning a fun vacation or you want to develop this skill for business. Today you'll also find there are helpful tools available that make learning a new language easier than ever before.

According to the, there are many benefits to learning a second language. It actually helps your brain to work in an improved way. Because as your brain makes the effort to learn the new language, it is developing skills to solve other tasks. Learning a new language may also improve your native language skills as well!

I've started learning Spanish using a site called Duolingo. There are lots of sites and apps to choose from, this is simply the one that caught my eye. What I like about it is that you can decide the typical time you'd like to spend on lessons. They do recommend that you study each day for best results. I set my lessons at 15 minutes a day, for a "serious learner."

The lessons show you pictures and images and then you hear words pronounced. The topics are fun, ones that would come up in everyday conversation. Usually I find that I try to do more daily lessons than I planned for if I can.

If you choose learning a new language as a new goal, I recommend doing several things:

Select a site or an app (I've listed several to help get you started!) so your studies are portable and fun. Try to study a bit daily if not regularly.

Look for ways to use your budding language skills in daily life. Not only can you try having a conversation, but you could read a newspaper or book, watch a movie or TV show in that language. If you're feeling a little shy about sparking a conversation with someone if your language skills are new, that most people are pretty friendly and will encourage you to keep practicing!

A new language is an excellent goal to reach for. Keep in mind that to become fluent in a language likely will take you several years of continued practice. Treating yourself to a trip to a country where they speak the language would be a great reward for all of your hard work.

Here are several sites and apps where you can learn language skills:

Duolingo  - This site offers free language lessons in many languages, Spanish, French, Italian and more. The site offers you "points" as you continue lessons that you can redeem for fun things to add to your lessons.

busuu - This is an app that works with both Android and iOS. You can start at different language levels - from beginner all the way up to intermediate. You'll find many languages here, including Japanese, Spanish and Russian.

Memrise  - Their motto is "learning, made joyful!" We have to agree. Here is a language learning app, that is free. You'll find lots of languages to choose from including French, Chinese and Italian. That's right! This very site has a fantastic app that helps you map out all of your goals and plan out every step. There's even a specific pre-made plan to help you learn a language!

So plan a great vacation or get ready to improve your business skills, learn a new language today! Keep your efforts organized

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