Goals Set Properly Get You Beyond What is Believed Possible

A major differentiator of the successful is that they hold a vision close to their heart for where they ultimately wish to be. The vision inspires them to continually set and commit to their long list of goals.


No one is able to forecast the future. And so on occasion trial, error, and re-try are required.  Further complications include economic and technological change over time.  Therefore, a major differentiator for achievement is to hold semi-annual meetings with oneself, and employees, for review. 

Meeting Mindset

  • Replace “failure” with “marketing research”
  • Leverage what is working
  • Replace strategies that are not performing

Personal Goals

The personal side of goals includes values and principles for conducting business.  This includes knowing where to draw the line in the sand when it comes to questionable opportunity and associations.  The accompanying approach is to associate with peers and clients alike who match your values.  Following these personal guidelines serves to build a personal brand of sound reputation. 


In your quiet time, delve deeply into your true desires.  Consider what you might like to have achieved by the end of your career.  What will stand out most, and how would you like to be remembered?  As you become accustomed to letting your mind relax and wander, the same realization of what you truly want will reappear.  Should it bring a smile to your face, this is the basis for establishing future goals.

Prioritize Goals

With your vision in mind, create a far-reaching goal to be finalized in 15 months.  Working backwards in order to reach specific milestones, with time efficiencies in place, will have you achieving the stretch goal in 12 months.  To get started, begin with the simplest to witness quick achievement.  Motivation then builds to tackle the more complicated goals and those requiring monetary expenditure.

Time Efficiencies

Life gets in the way with unexpected time consuming circumstances.  One of the best ways to take care of emergencies plus remain on track with goals is to keep a running task list.  Doing so will actually save up to two hours per day of wasted time.  Interruptions will never again send you off track. 

The efficiency in this one strategy alone is staggering.  Imagine saving only one hour per day for 220 working days in the year.  Multiply your hourly rate by 220 to fully recognize how this goes directly to your bottom line. 

Safety Nets

An improved approach is to incorporate a weekly safety net of added time for projects left incomplete.   Set specific time aside each week to finalize projects in order to begin the following week on a fresh footing.

Laser Goal-Setting Abbreviated

  1. Commit to two quarterly goals targeting your 15 month stretch goal
  2. Set monthly goals
  3. Each Friday set the next week goals
  4. Each evening set goals for the next day
  5. At the conclusion of your six-month meeting, re-set the 15-month stretch, two quarterly, and the next week goals.

As accomplishment takes hold, motivation kicks into high gear to tackle the more complex.  By continuing your pursuit toward the grander vision, hurdles seemingly fade away. 


While networking during the initial few months of business, people commented I’d never get anywhere.  But six months later, the same people asked,  “How are you moving business at lightening speed?”  Progress was made due to strictly following the above system.

Using these guidelines will you to the seemingly Smooth Sale!