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Host A Successful Fundraiser

Hosting any type of community fundraiser takes great amounts of planning, organization, and motivation. provides the perfect platform for a community to plan, organize, and track a fundraiser.

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Ray Hitchcock

Ray Hitchcock is currently a board member of the Minnesota Chapter of the National Football League Alumni Association, Bolder Options, and the Mancini Hall of Fame Selection Board. Ray is past President of the University of Minnesota Goal Line Club and has coached football at Cretin-Derham Hall High School for the past 14 years. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Ray played for the Washington Redskins where he was a member of the 1987 Super Bowl Champions.

Communicate Details With Fundraiser Members and Volunteers
Milestone 1
Invite All of Those Involved with This Goal
Milestone 2
Determine How Much Money You Need To Raise
Milestone 3
Decide What Kind of Fundraiser You Will Be Having
Milestone 4
Find and Schedule a Location to Hold the Event
Milestone 5
Fine Tune the Major Details of Your Fundraiser
Milestone 6
Get the Word Out About Your Fundraiser
Milestone 7
Host the Fundraiser and Track the Amount of Donations using New Milestones

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Start A Community Garden

Is your goal to start a successful community garden in your neighborhood? You’ve come to the right place. This plan is designed to help organize, plan, manage and create a beautiful garden everyone in your community will enjoy. Help strengthen your neighborhood by adopting this plan right now!

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This plan was created by:

Joshua Russell

I make brands beautiful. I make brands successful. I am an interactive art director at an online marketing agency in Minneapolis. I've helped over 40 local companies become players in each of their industries respectively by focusing on their needs, combining with outstanding insight and then supporting with results focused ux/ui design. I'm always interested in networking and am very passionate about design trends, branding and marketing innovations.

Communicate Planning & Coordination
Milestone 1
Organize a Meeting of Interested People
Milestone 2
Form a Planning Committee
Milestone 3
Identify All Your Resources
Milestone 4
Choose a Site
Milestone 5
Prepare & Develop the Site
Milestone 6
Determine Rules and Put Them in Writing
Milestone 7
Open the Community Garden!

Don't worry, if you want to use this plan but want to make your own unique alterations, you can easily edit this template after signing up. is designed to be compatible with any type of goal that you may have. Use our advanced goal setting tools to set your goal, customize your plan, and achieve it! at a glance.

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