Have You Thought About a Volunteering Vacation?

If you've been too focused on your life and want to do something substantial, or you've heard about a part of the world that especially needs help and you'd like to lend a hand personally, you should consider taking a volunteering vacation. There are many reasons people choose to take a volunteer vacation, this can be a very meaningful and rewarding goal to choose.

Some who take a volunteering vacation go to volunteer as an individual, participating in a program that is run by an organization that they have connected with. Others take a volunteer vacation with a group which is volunteering together. Either experience can be terrific, but you may want to decide if you have a preference for going solo or with a group because this may help you choose which type of program you participate with.

A lot of people who do a volunteer vacation wind up traveling internationally, but not everyone. If paying for a plane ticket is not in your budget, take a look at Habitat for Humanity. During the spring and summer months, they are looking especially for volunteers to help build homes for low income recipients in need. You may find volunteering for your local Habitat for Humanity to be very rewarding, helping to build someone's home and see them handed the shiny keys. Habitat for Humanity also has an international program, called Global Village where you can go to over 40 different countries to help build homes as well.

Volunteer vacations are an experience unlike any other. You get to visit a place you may have never been before and make a difference while doing so. If a news story has touched your heart or you’ve heard of family and friends who have taken volunteer vacations, then it may be time to take one of your own. A lot of groups that put them together organize them for older teens (about 16 and up) through adulthood.

There are likely other organizations in need around you who would be happy to have you volunteer, creating your own volunteer vacation. Try contacting the local United Way to see what organizations near you might especially need volunteers during the time you would like to take a vacation and what they need volunteers to help with.

Here are a few groups that organize volunteer vacations:

Cross Cultural Solutions 

They have volunteer vacations for high school students, for a gap year and also for group. You'll find many volunteer opportunities here that you would like to participate in.


REI, the active outdoor store has partnered with Conservation Volunteers International Program and you can organize a volunteer vacation through them. You can help to preserve international treasures and natural beauty around the world, seeing some of the loveliest places on earth.

Doctors Without Borders

This organization helps people around the world with much needed medical care. If you are a healthcare professional or are in school to become one, this could be a very meaningful and rewarding volunteer vacation to participate in.

Take a vacation where you can do some good for others. Look into a volunteering vacation today!

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