How Can A Community Help You To Achieve Your Goals?

Setting and achieving goals requires motivation, inspiration, dedication and accountability.

The idea of achieving a goal is a wonderful concept, but the reality is that maintaining motivation and daily habits to help you reach your goal can be difficult. The power of your community, friends and family in attaining your goals is often overlooked, but having that support is priceless.

No matter what type of goal you have, being part of a supportive community will be vastly helpful. From weight loss, financial goals, personal growth or even personal or work projects, making your goals public can garner both a wonderful support system as well as a great accountability factor.

In this day and age of social media, it’s very easy to find online communities that are supportive of your particular goals and that can offer advice, support and their own motivational experiences to help you achieve your goals. You could start your own blog about your goals, or create or join an online community blog that has the same type of goals that you have.

There are also many phone apps that can act as communities and can help you as you navigate your busy lifestyle, while allowing the accountability portion of your goals to be literally at your fingertips.

Sharing your daily progress to a community made up of supporters can seem daunting, but it helps you to achieve your goal by being a part of something bigger than just your own personal goal. When you’re a member of a team or group, like Ron Burgundy and his news team, who share his visions, they can stress the importance of daily habits, make sure that you’re staying on track, rally you up when you’re feeling low and generally support you while you also support them.

Sharing accountability is known to help people achieve their goals, as you might not personally feel bad about skipping a task or routine for a day, or be able to justify it to yourself, but you’ll be guaranteed to think twice before skipping your run or ditching a promised task if that means letting down other members of your supportive community.

A community doesn’t need to be a large group of people. It can be a close circle of friends and family that are supportive of your goal and share in your ideals. You can define your goals together and agree before you start that you’ll keep up your end of the deal…that will help out on days when you might not feel like participating or when you have to encourage someone else in your community to stay involved.