How Entrepreneurs Should Reserve Their Energy

Few things are as exhausting as starting your own business. The decision to become your own boss and create a business from scratch is both liberating and frightening. To combat the uncertainty that entrepreneurs feel and to ensure the success of their business, entrepreneurs often force themselves beyond their limits. But, if they aren’t careful, this can be a recipe for burnout, a state of chronic stress that leads to emotional and physical exhaustion. In this state, you can succumb to feelings of pessimism, lack of accomplishments, and despair. That’s why it’s necessary to keep stress in check and fend off burnout if entrepreneurs are to build a sustainable business.

Burnout isn’t something that you suddenly wake up with. It’s an accumulation of high levels of stress over time, gradually wearing you down and weighing on your spirit. Numerous signs may manifest as burnout creeps up on you, including detachment, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, forgetfulness, increased illnesses, irritability, and apathy. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to examine your life and find ways that you can reduce stress.

Even Entrepreneurs Need Sleep

For many driven entrepreneurs, sleep is the first thing to be compromised. While the occasional all-nighter is understandable, if you don’t settle into a routine that facilitates the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep, you’ll soon be seeing signs of burnout. Sleep deprivation can only leave you with a slew of performance-impairing effects.

Eat To Fuel

The second thing to square away is your diet. You have to eat enough, evenly spread out through the day, and you have to eat foods that will provide you with the nutrients you need. One thing to watch out for is excessive coffee consumption. Coffee is an appetite-suppressant, so if you drink too much of it, you’ll likely skip foods early in the day. To compensate for this period of fasting, you’ll be more willing to overeat and consume unhealthy foods. 

Burn The Stress Away

Exercise is critical to keeping stress in check. Exercising—whether it be a brisk walk around the block or a couple of hours at the gym—helps to alleviate stress and energize you for the rest of the day. Don’t have time for exercise? That in itself could be an indicator that you’re overworked. If that’s the case, you may consider cutting down on the number of projects you say yes to.

Be The Boss You Always Wanted

Have you ever had an excessively critical boss, teacher, or coach? One that crushes your spirit even as you’re giving it your all every day? Well, thankfully, you’re your own boss now. Be a friend to yourself. Use positive self-talk and self-compassion to balance out your relentless drive.

Inhale, Exhale

Breathe mindfully throughout the day. Breathe slowly and deeply from your abdomen. Chest breathers breathe more, take in less oxygen, and are more likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder. Being aware of your breath can help you to stay grounded and calm despite whatever unforeseen problem pops up.