So We Make Everything Else Simple.
FEATURES brings you closer to breakthrough with features
designed to organize your goals, keep them in focus and deliver
optimum results – no matter where you are, using any device.
  • Action Plan

    Each goal has its own action plan, which is broken down into measurable
    milestones and smaller steps.
  • Real-Time Results

    Momentum and cascading performance graphs show your progress in real time,
    based on completed tasks, timetables and challenge levels.
  • Team Messaging

    Communicate with individual team members or entire groups seamlessly from
    any device using our instant messaging feature. Our system automatically
    syncs with your email too without ever having to log in.
  • Text and Email Notifications

    Receive regular progress reports and success summaries to keep your goals in
    focus along with informative articles and motivational messages.
  • File Sharing

    Files, documents, PDFs, images and spreadsheets can easily be shared with
    anyone you want.
  • Online Community

    Connect with other members by sharing success stories and
    struggles, following your favorites authors and picking up helpful advice.
  • Habit Tracker

    Set and track daily behaviors that you want to become habits.
  • Recommended Readings

    Stay motived by exploring thousands of informative and insightful articles on with more stories added every day.
  • Vision Board

    Find inspiration by creating your own collection of powerful photos and
    quotes on your virtual vision board.
  • Self-examination

    Get closer to self-discovery with thought provoking questions that challenge
    you to think deeper about who you are, where you want to go and how you are
    going to get there.
  • Journal

    Discover the power of a personal journal and how it can play a role in the
    success of your goal-setting journey.
  • To-Do List

    Organize your life with our easy-to-use to-do list