How Steph Curry & the Golden State Warriors Are Making History

This week Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to a 16-0 season opener, setting a new NBA record for the best season start in NBA history. The last team to hold such a record was the Houston Rockets, who set a 15-0 starting record during the 1993-1994 season. Many analysts are predicting that the Warriors could even possibly continue the streak, especially with Curry’s undeniable skill and mastery of the game. Curry, who received the NBA MVP award last season, scored 24 points and made nine assists in the Warriors 111-77 point victory over the LA Lakers on November 24th, and many, like fellow NBA player Steve Nash and ESPN contributor David Fleming, are hailing him as one of the most skilled players in the history of the NBA, a player for the new generation of the game.

Curry, however, is the first to admit that both he and the Warriors still have a long way to go. Their playoff victory against the Cleveland Cavs last year and their unheard of start for this season has put them in good standing to hold the title of NBA Champions for two years in a row. If they continue on this streak they may also have a chance in breaking the 1972 Lakers record of 33 consecutive wins in a season and the 1996 Chicago Bulls record of 72 victories in one season. But regardless of how many records the Warriors break, the team is already well on its way to becoming one of the most successful teams in NBA history. And although the remarkable, perhaps innate talents of players like Stephen Curry will go a long way in helping the Warriors secure victory, the team itself knows that such success is not possible without hard work, commitment, and determination. Here are five ways that the Warriors will continue to work towards achieving a second playoff victory for the 2015-2016 NBA season.

1. Hard Work

Even with all of the talent in the world, no team can expect to be successful without putting in a lot of hard work to perfect their skill and harness their cooperative efforts. Before Stephen Curry joined the team, the Golden State Warriors were dealing with a running streak of loss and insignificance, but since his youthful energy and passion for the sport entered into their midst, the team has seen a drastic change from near underdog status to NBA playoff champions.

In spite of his talents, Curry is the first to acknowledge that hard work and practice are key components in any team’s quest for victory: “If you take time to realize what your dream is and what you really want in life, you have to realize that there is always work to do, and you want to be the hardest working person in whatever you do, and you put yourself in a position to be successful.”

2. Persistence

Victory can never be achieved without a fair share of failure. Whether its on the basketball court, in a business setting, or an investor presentation, failure affords one the ability to evaluate their skill, knowledge, and understanding of the process in order to better their abilities and learn patience and perseverance. That being said, one must learn to embrace failure as a stepping-stone along the way to greater success.

“I’m not the guy who’s afraid of failure. I like to take risks, take the big shot and all that,” says Curry on the subject. The Warriors may have talented players like Curry, Green, and Iguodala on their lineup, but without persistence and the desire to work hard and perfect their skills as a team and as individuals, even the best talent in the world will not be enough to guarantee a team victory.

3. Determination

Being passionate about your work and your career can go a long way in helping you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself in both regards. The trick, however, can be maintaining your determination in accomplishing those goals as your career progresses. Stephen Curry, whose father, 16-year NBA veteran Wardell “Jack” Curry, grew up practicing and playing basketball on Jack’s now famous backyard court in Grottoes, Virginia, the same court Jack had played on himself as a boy before he joined the NBA.

Stephen Curry’s passion for the game, like Jack’s, stemmed from that backyard court in the Virginia hills, and like his father, he has taken his determination and passion for the game to heights neither he, nor his father, ever imagined. And his determination continues to drive him to be a player the likes of which anyone has ever seen in the history of the game. The question now is, how far will it take him? Says Curry of his basketball career and where he is going, “I can get better. I haven’t reached my ceiling yet on how well I can shoot the basketball.”

4. Teamwork

Stephen Curry may be the NBA MVP and possibly the best player in the game right now, but one person, alone, cannot be expected to achieve success for an entire team, nor be blamed for the shortcomings of the whole group. A team must learn to work together in order to achieve victory, utilizing the talents of its individual members to reach a common goal for the group.

During the game on Tuesday against LA, the Warriors proved just how valuable teamwork can be to the success of the whole group. At one point during the game, Andre Iguodala caused a turnover on Kobe Bryant that was picked up by Curry for a potential layup, but instead of rushing to take it, Curry slowed down a bit to allow Iguodala to catch up and get positioned for a slam dunk. This simple, selfless act on Curry’s part speaks volumes to the importance of teamwork and to the character required to play on a team.

5. Commitment

Although Curry and his teammates may not play for the Golden State Warriors for the entirety of their careers, commitment in the NBA goes not just to one team or organization, but to your teammates and your personal career. Curry may have won the MVP last year, and in terms of legacy, is already well on his way to becoming a game changing figure in NBA history, but he (and his teammates) still have a long way to go in their personal careers. Says Steve Nash of Curry’s future with the game, “The skill level is already prodigious and it keeps getting better. And since the experience and understanding will continue to grow, it’s pretty remarkable to think about the heights he can get to.”

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors still have a long way to go before the 2016 NBA Playoffs this spring. What they can accomplish in that amount of time has yet to be seen, but one thing fans and audiences are guaranteed to see in the upcoming months is the progress that can be achieved through hard work, determination, and persistence. Curry will be looking to continue improving on his personal record, as will the remaining members of the Warriors’ starting line-up, and if they continue to work together and harness their abilities into one solidified team, there really is no telling how far they will be able to go.