How to Achieve Anything Using

Here at, we want you to be solely focused on the mission at hand. In order to succeed using our website, it is of the utmost importance to have a good understanding of all the features we have to offer.

The following explains how to properly utilize all of our tools that help you establish, track, and accomplish all of your goals. Once you’ve signed up, there is no limit to how many goals you can create and achieve. Literally.

Set A Goal

When picking a goal, you will be brought to a page separated by both goal type (i.e. fitness, career, etc.) and whether you’re setting an individual or team goal. If you’re creating a goal for you and your team, we have several plans that can support you and as many members as necessary.


Next, you must determine what goal is right for you. You can choose to adopt the plans we’ve created for the user with milestones and action steps laid out for you, or you can choose to create your own custom plan, where you create milestones and action steps that are tailored for your unique ambitions.

Creating Your Action Plan

First, fill in the title of the goal you want to achieve. You will then break your goal down into milestones and action steps. 

Milestones are the feats you accomplish on your way to your overall goal. For instance, if your goal was to run a full marathon, you could first establish a milestone of running a 5K as a milestone towards your goal. You can create as many milestones as you’d like.


If you so choose, you can then break down your milestones into as many smaller action steps as you’d like. For instance, if you created a milestone to run a 5K towards your goal of running a marathon, you could create action steps to go out jogging for 30 minutes 3 times a week.

You will then set a date of completion for your milestone that you deem appropriate for achievement and set a challenge level set on a scale of 1-5 to determine the level of difficulty of the particular milestone.

Habit Tracker

You can keep track of daily habits you want to practice with our habit tracker. To create a habit, click on the “habits” tab on your Action Plan page and then hit the “create new habit” tab.

After you’ve entered the habit you want to implement in your life, you can easily input your progress by selecting what days you did or didn’t exercise the habit. You can also choose to skip days. For example, if you only require yourself to go jogging 3 days a week, you can skip days that you didn’t require the days to practice the habit.

You can glance at all of your habits one by one by clicking the arrow keys above the small graph that appears on your dashboard.


We made it easy for you to engage with fellow goal-setters and share your progress with our community. You can customize your profile information, share an update, or even publish your own article! We make it easy for you to share your progress and inspire others.

To follow another user’s activity on, hit the arrow beside the “edit profile” tab. This will trigger a dropdown menu, where you can hit the “follow” button.

You also have the ability to send private messages to other users. To do this, click the envelope icon on the top right of the page. 


With your account, you have free access to a journal where you can write as many personal entries as you like. These journal entries are private and always will be. To start an entry, click on the journal tab, and then hit “add new entry”.


Vision Board

The Vision Board is where you can store images that inspire you and motivate you want to accomplish your goals. To add something to your vision board, click the “add post” tab near the top right of the page. You will then be prompted to choose an image from your personal computer which you can upload, or you can opt to copy and paste something from a website URL.

Read and Save Articles

Your membership comes with access to inspiring articles to read at your disposal. These articles are written by individuals with unique stories who are driven to accomplish, motivate, and inspire.  To find the articles from your dashboard, click on the “browse articles” tab on the top left and find an inspiring read from one of our many categories that our authors have written about.

If you find an article that resonates with you, you can save it so you can find it easily for repeated reading. If you want to save the article, simply hit “save” which is placed under the article’s main image. These articles will be available in the “Saved Articles” tab.

Publish Your Own Article

If you’re interested in publishing an article for, you can type up your article straight from our site. If you click the pencil icon on the top right of our page, you will open a page for you to type and publish inspiring words for our members to read. 

We hope this has answered any lingering questions you’ve had about the functionality and tools we provide at If you still have any other questions, you can reach us at If you have any suggestions for us to improve, please leave us a message here. We’re always listening to ways we can make your experience better.