How To Be A Hero In Your Community

You may think that to be a humanitarian, you need to invest a large amount of money in an orphanage, fund research for cancer or help build a school in Africa. Yet, the wealthy philanthropist represents only one type of humanitarian. Many people succeed in making a major impact on their community without possessing financial wealth. These people focus on simple ways to improve the lives of others. Here are three ideas to get you started:

Clean up your neighborhood. You can positively impact your community by caring for the local environment. Join a local environmental group to clean up the streets. You can also make a powerful impact by picking up trash in your own yard and in the surrounding areas. Raising the bar and taking pride in your living space will set an example for others to follow. When you see leaves in the gutters, clean them out. After all, a neighborhood that is well cared for will experience less crime. Be proactive and you will make a real difference.

Serve in a soup kitchen. Whether you serve for one day or on a weekly basis, the impact of offering free meals to those in need will stay with you forever. Studies have shown that volunteers are happier and more content with their lives. When serving at a soup kitchen, you may also get a chance to talk with those in need. You will learn their stories, offer to pray for their burdens and you will have the opportunity to provide them with useful tips.

Visit a retirement center. The elders of our society have wisdom and many are in need of companionship. When you visit an elderly citizen, it may also change your perspective. It will be interesting to learn about their life, what they wish they had done differently and how they view the world differently from when they were a youth. We all grow old and should respect those who have lived here before us.

What are the Benefits of Volunteering in Your Community?

Though your average humanitarian is not motivated by recognition for his or her service, humanitarianism does have many personal benefits, including:

A sense of pride in your community. When you become involved in your community, you take ownership of your city. This involvement is contagious and will inspire others around you to take pride in their homes, streets and local events.

The opportunity to learn new skills. When you register to help an organization, you may learn new skills. Because your work is unpaid, the organization is more likely to allow you to take risks. You may gain graphic art experience by trying your hand at making a brochure, for example.

The chance to build professional relationships. You naturally develop your professional contact list when you volunteer. You have a greater chance of meeting potential employers or people that may offer you business opportunities.

Once you feel that you have made you community stronger, your perspective on life will change dramatically. Every day will be filled with even more purpose as you continue to help those in need.